How to become an Instagram influencer

Instagram influencer

In this modern age, social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives. People use it every day for entertainment, business, and even for noble causes such as outreach programs and education. Social media provides a platform to reach out to millions of people and can be used to make a significant impact on their lives. Through social media, you can thus do something meaningful, for instance, conserve the environment, start a fitness or a health movement, or simply to make some extra cash. 

Social media thus birthed the ‘influencers’, people who use their platforms to bring awareness to a certain issue, advertise a product, or simply share various aspects of their lives. Instagram in particular, is one of the biggest platforms out there which influencers use as it has millions of users all over the world. You can also be an influencer, and below we have shared a couple of tips that can get you started.

Find your niche

The first step to becoming an influencer is to find your niche, an area that you are particularly passionate about. This could be in photography, fashion, food, or travel. There are plenty of influencers on Instagram who are in all these areas, and hence for you to stand out, you must find something that matters to you. For you to gain Instagram followers, you need to be authentic and post things that relate to people, which will allow them to connect with you. It thus gets a lot easier when you are passionate about something, as the love you have for it flows naturally and can be seen in all your posts. For instance, if you love doing makeup and generally have fun with it, people will be attracted to your pages and posts and you will thus steadily gain followers over time. It is important to attract organic followers instead of bots so that they are interested in your niche and engage with your content.

Be consistent

Becoming an influencer will not happen overnight, as some people wish to believe. For some influencers, it has even taken years as it takes time, patience, and consistency. You have to constantly keep in touch with your followers to maintain them and build a community. For instance, if you want to be a fitness influencer, you have to put in the work to exercise and create videos consistently. This will thus help your followers achieve their ideal body weight since in the fitness area consistency is key. To help you with this, you can make a posting schedule and stick to it.

Take high-quality photos

For your page to pop and gain attention, you must have high-quality photos. The influencer lifestyle heavily banks on the visual sense, as people want to see stylish fashion or beautiful pictures of that sunset or landscape that makes them want to travel. Your pictures and content have to appeal to the masses, as such, you may need to invest in a high-quality camera and perhaps some photography or video editing classes if need be, on platforms such as for instance.

Have fun with it

Being an influencer should not have you so consumed with likes and follows to the point where it all gets toxic. You have to take care of yourself and your mental health. It is an area that can be a bit tricky to navigate since people can easily hide behind the keyboard and post mean and hurtful comments. Therefore, do not get too wrapped up in what people will think and say that you edit your pictures so much that people do not recognize you anymore. Let go of the reins, have fun with it, and let everything else flow. Remember, your health and well being comes first.

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