How to Become a Teacher


A teacher is also known to be a “Guru” in Hindu terminology because he is one who is being considered as a mentor of a child in all of the possible ways, so for this, a teacher must have notable communication skills and must be presentable with his skills. A teacher job is to focus on the strengths of a child so that the weakness does not become a hindrance in the way of qualities that a child possesses, so he must know how to inculcate the feeling of motivation among the students.

The primary requirement to work as a professor or teacher in any of the educational undertakings is to have an equivalent bachelor’s or master’s degree from a recognized university or if you looking up to higher positions you must opt for bachelor’s or master’s of education as it will make you more considerable for such positions. Apart from the educational qualifications, one must possess the communication skills diligent enough to teach a child that must be called interpersonal communication in some cases and a teacher must be known for his patience and a feeling of empathy for the students.

Bachelor of Education B.Ed.

Many of us have tried to be the teacher when the teacher is not in the class,but this course is willfully designed to draw out a teacher from any graduate. It is a two-year course in which a student is prepared to be a teacher so that he or she can educate the future generation. Education is the most powerful element present on this planet that can do a lot of things,education can create peace, can give rise to a war,education can build a nation,education can destroy a nation.Education plays an integral part in any nation’s development we all know that the most developed nations in the world are the nations who have the highest literacy rate.We can only improve our education system by improving the level of teaching and B.Ed. Is the course that is doing this thing for us.Many institutes offer this course to the graduate student who has the aspiration to be a teacher,the remuneration of the teachers is very good in every part of the world.

Scope Of B.Ed

B.Ed is solely focused on the teaching,and scope ofter B.Ed is basically teaching,but in teaching the salaries are very good and the timings are flexible,the number of holidays that you get are also very good,you can enjoy summer and winter vacations for the lifetime.You can also study further and increase your position as a teacher for example if you do M.Ed you can shift from primary to secondary level. M.Phil is a very good option after doing M.Phil you can teach Under Graduate students.B.Ed. Is all about teaching After doing B.Ed only thing you can do is teaching but with hard work and will to develop you can increase your level as well as your level of remuneration.B.Ed is for the students who want to dedicate their life to the teaching .

Masters of education- M. Ed

Are you able to quench the purpose of your life through the distribution of the group of things you have achieved mastery on, in a nutshell do you want to take teaching as a profession, if it’s a yes then this is the right programme which will help you to be considered as a teacher. The eligibility criteria to pursue masters degree is to have an equivalent bachelors degree in education from a recognized university. This course is basically incorporated to prepare the candidates,enough to be able to taught students effectively as a teacher plays an inevitable role in the upliftment of a child.

Scope of masters of education- M. Ed

As it is a degree programme designed for the aspirants who want to work as a professor or teacher, so it clearly define the area of scope . After M. Ed one can apply for the government jobs in the field of teaching which has a good pay package for freshers as well. But before that you must pass out on an entrance exam known as NET(National Eligibility Test) which every candidate has to appear before. You can only apply to govt. posts of teaching only when you have cleared this test. Also you can make yourself hire in some private schools and they don’t ask the passing of the NET test. As our country is facing a hindrance to it’s a development and one of the hindrances can be defined as illiteracy, so the govt. is always on the venture of opening new schools, so that calls out for the demand of teachers. So depending upon the scenario of the country a candidate applying for M. Ed can certainly don’t have to strive for the employment.

If you are short-tempered and you can’t take on any arguments with anyone, you must bid an adieu to the profession as it requires more of patience than knowledge, though knowledge is must but an impatient teacher can’t give anything to the students.

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