How the Tiktok algorithm works in 2021

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Tiktok had been a massive platform of entertainment till late. Almost 75% of the world population seemed to use this app. The algorithm of TikTok is too quick to track what you like on this platform. If you want a particular video with fixed audio or music, it starts showing you videos with the same input. Here being an audience, you should understand that the voice here works like what a hashtag does to a post. Whenever you use a hashtag or search for a hashtag, you get similar posts. Identically you get the same music or audio videos when you look for a similar slot.

There is Tik Tok Pro Account too to enjoy the best algorithm set up in your account. 

Now you can acknowledge the device where TikTok has been used along with the location, depending upon the settings.

It has touched the village and remote areas too! 

Sometimes the user needs some additional tool to help in checking their customized algorithm for TikTok.

Tiktok app has a list of filters, and often people like to work on TikTok image dimensions while editing their image over it. 

Is it as strict as other editing apps or simple? To know the answer to this question, you need to check the steps. In some cases, the steps differ from android to ios too!

How does the editing of TikTok image dimensions work?

To learn about this function, you need to follow specific steps. The steps are as follows:

Do not forget to have complete details about the account of which you want to check the profile picture. You need to give the full details, including the username whose profile picture you wanted to have. From that profile, you can extract the full-sized profile picture and edit it. The username will be like @steve0012 or @charlieexcel

Go to the option “Check full size” picture button near the image. Click there.

The profile picture will be available to you in the shortest duration in a big size.

Go to the download option. Download the picture from there if you intend to download it. TikFuel tool could be described as the most straightforward tool to do this task quickly and easily. This tool helps in downloading the profile picture in large size.  Here you can download the profile picture of any TikTok account. The URL should be with you, and you can download the profile picture of that account in large size with ease. Your details are kept secret to the user of that account. Here the only requirement is the account details whose profile picture you need. Photos here are delivered at the best quality. If you like the image, do not wait for more! You can easily access it through this, and from here, it becomes easy to download. Add it to your gallery and preserve it with you forever. If you like this feature, do spread words about this tool. 

The process followed by iPhone users.

The process followed by android users and desktop users to download profile pictures of TikTok through this tool works automatically by going to the download option and clicking it. When it comes to the iPhone, you have to open a separate window for the picture. 

Steps to save the picture in iPhone

Go to the picture. Press and hold it with the help of your finger.

An option of the menu will appear in front of your eyes. There will be an option that reads, “Add to Photos.” 

After selecting this option, you will find this image in your iPhone photo albums. 

What kind of image quality can you expect? 

Here the image size cannot be the same. The size can be different than the original one. The best part is that the final output comes in square size. The picture size is often 1080X1080 pixels.  The final image that will come through this tool will be in JPG format. The picture comes in DPI quality with 72 pixels/ inch through the device. 

This tool does the work quickly and provides a good quality picture. The process is simple, and anyone can amplify it after learning the process.

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