How Street Furniture Is Perfect For Businesses

Street Furniture

Although many of us will fail to notice the amount of street furniture we pass on our travels, the benefits are available for everyone. Increasing convenience and even our safety, the addition of carefully selected street furniture can go along way for public spaces and business grounds. From verge marker posts to outdoor seating, we discuss the benefits of street furniture for your business.

Relax and unwind outdoors

Whether it is for use of visitors to your business or your own employees, spending some time unwinding outdoors is great for our wellbeing. Providing some benches which overlook your gardens or outdoor seating which workers can use on their breaks will mean people can get the rest they need to increase productivity. As well as a space to relax, the area is great for people to socialise and interact, boosting moods and creating a communal space which can be enjoyed by all.

Highlight your brand identity

In such a branded world that we live in nowadays, standing out and increasing brand recognition is essential. By choosing aesthetic features and bold statement pieces, your property will be taken to the next level and will display your character to any passers-by or visitors. Choosing your brand colours and adding your logo is a great way to create a professional appearance and show off your identity.

Enhance safety measures

To keep both pedestrians and motorists safe on your site, additional security measures should be considered. Whether you need bollards to prevent traffic from accessing pedestrian areas, security gates to only allow authorised personnel to access or traffic mirrors to provide vision in blind spots, ensure that your grounds are safe for all visitors to visit. Precautionary safety measures don’t have to compromise on style; with so many unique designs and features available, find solutions that fit in with your aesthetic.

Keep the place clean and tidy

With the appearance of your grounds reflecting on your business, ensure your surroundings are looking well presented at all times. Something as simple as installing bins throughout the site means people have a space to dispose of any litter to prevent the chance of things being left behind on the ground. For retail businesses with trolley shelters or warehouses with plenty of equipment, installing a simple and affordable roll back strip will ensure everything stays where it is meant to. This is also a great security measure to ensure equipment cannot roll out into passing traffic or pedestrians.

Offer a secure storage space

Installing bike racks or stands is incredibly worthwhile for businesses of all kinds. Providing employees or visitors with a secure space to lock up their bicycles or scooters will mean they do not have to worry about them being damaged or stolen whilst they are indoors. By encouraging people to cycle to your property, it is great for the environment and will mean you don’t have to worry about an overcrowded car park. As well as being a great security solution, keeping all bikes in one place will make for a much tidier appearance.

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