How Strategic Investment In Affordable Housing Works With Maxwell Drever Company?


Maxwell Drever Company has been in the business of affordable housing for over a century, and we know what we’re doing. We work with your budget and needs to make sure you get the most out of your investment in Maxwell Drever Company’s affordable housing. The first step is to have a professional Maxwell Drever Company representative come out and assess your property. Our company will walk you through our affordable housing process; tell you what they’re going to do, how long it will take and how much it costs.

What Is Strategic Investment?

Maxwell Drever Company (MDCP) believes in working with your needs and budget. They believe that you have the right to have the best possible affordable housing investment at a fantastic price. Experts here at Maxwell Drever are always willing to work alongside you, regardless of your income level. MDCP sets an affordable housing standard for every project but assigns expert minds towards developing better development strategies.

It involves setting a target by MDCP to come up with a project that will meet or exceed the affordable housing target outlined in your sales agreement. Your investment is protected from excessive rents and low property taxes because MDCP does not receive any incentive payments in return for meeting or exceeding this affordable housing standard.

How Is Strategic Investment Beneficial?

Strategic Investment is a benefit because you do not receive any incentive payments from MDCP. Our affordable housing investment program gives you the ability to make your own income decisions. It allows you to implement a sound property management strategy and enhance the value of your investment. Maxwell Drever Company will work with you to make sure they meet or exceed your affordable housing needs. The flexible, affordable housing investment program allows you to make your own income decisions and implement a mortgage strategy that is right for you.

Different Working Model MDCP

Maxwell Drever Company works with all of our residential and commercial clients by offering two types of affordable housing projects.

Home Buyer Program – The first is a home buyer program that provides the land, architecture, construction and site work-up for your project. This model allows MDCP to bring its experience to your project and not start from scratch on a new development at this type of level of affordability.

Traditional Land Sale – Maxwell Drever Company, also offers a traditional land sale program. This model allows MDCP to sell land with the intent of you putting your structure on the property. Whether this is a single-family home, duplex, triplex or apartment building of any size, Maxwell Drever Company will work with you to provide architecture and engineering services and site plans that meet or exceed our affordable housing program.

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