Health Insurance Comparison in Switzerland – What Are The Things That Must Be Compared?

Health Insurance

Health insurance comparison is essential to choose an ideal plan that offers affordable premium fees and hassle-free reimbursement. As health insurance is decentralized in Switzerland, numerous health insurance companies mushroomed in each canton. That leaves the residents with a ton of health insurance companies to compare and contrast to come out victorious with a wise decision. 

Easier said than done, health insurance comparison can be a bit tricky if you don’t know how to compare and what factors to consider. There are various automated sources to do the job for you. But, how reliable they all are is a new question. To equip you with relevant information, this article guides you through all the factors that are needed during a health insurance comparison. 

Age Limit

Age limit is a crucial element in insurance coverage. Not just in Switzerland but the world over, Age limit is often the controversial and tricky part that creates unpleasant situations between the insurers and insured. The last thing you would want while you were on a hospital bed is an intense argument with your insurers. To save yourself from those scary consequences, go through the documents and have a keen eye for all clauses that condition or limits age factors. 

Some insurance companies do not qualify the clients for insurance claims if they surpass a certain age limit. Make sure you don’t sign such agreements to avoid future consequences. 

Insurance Model

Another important factor to consider during health insurance comparison is the insurance model. In Switzerland, there are different insurance models that are totally unique to Switzerland. If you are not yet aware of different insurance models, it is better to do some background research. A lot of information is already available on the internet or insurers and health care assistants are always ready to break things down to you. 


Even as insurers claim that they offer inclusive insurance packages with no limitations, it is better to cross-check just to ensure you don’t land in trouble later. While it is important to understand what the insurance companies are including in the plan, it is equally significant to understand what is being excluded. 

Some insurance companies insert conditional clauses of exclusion. The exclusion can be anything. Certain age groups, genders, income levels, or even sections of people may be excluded from availing the benefits or claiming their rightful benefit. 

To avoid losing your hard-earned money on top of failing to claim your insurance, have a keen eye for every detail. If something is not explicit, do not hesitate to inquire about it with the insurers. 


This is another factor that is often neglected. Additional features and add-on covers are important. Then, why are limitations not? Limitations restrict your right to entitlements. You wouldn’t want that to happen to you on the hospital bed. Hence, go through the document carefully. Even if there are no limitations mentioned on the document, ask the insurers just to make sure and stay clear of everything.

Add-on covers

The majority of the insurance plans include add-on covers as part of their coverage. It is essential to ask and understand the add-on covers included in the insurance package. If there aren’t any, don’t you think you have the right to claim your insurance in face of unseen adversaries. 

Negotiations and meaningful conversations can go a long way in striking the right balance with the insurers to document a favorable, profitable, and robust insurance plan. 

Waiting Periods

Time and tide wait for none. Neither does life! Not even for your insurance cover. Ensure you factor in the waiting period in your health insurance comparison. While some companies have longer waiting periods, a few others have the most hassle-free processes. Waiting for the claim is an added burden during troubling times. 

The waiting period is like a threshold period to claim your insurance benefits. You cannot demand your insurance claim in this period. In case of emergencies, the lower waiting period can pool in the resources at right time to save your life. Thus, make sure your insurance cover offers a lower waiting period. 


These are the main factors involved in health insurance comparison [Italian people refer to this site ]. Although these may not be all that you require, they help you make an informed decision. There are numerous sources on how to compare different health insurance policies but, very little has been said about the factors involved. This article, however, fills the gap for you.  The little dose of insurance enlightenment is what all you need to save a lot of avoidable upfront cost and unnecessary premium fees. In addition to savings, there are a lot of other factors that play an important role to make sure that insurance truly guards your health. Try considering these factors for your health insurance comparison to choose comprehensive and profitable insurance. 

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