Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming Benefits

Nearly every medical professional says daily physical activity is suitable for a person’s health. There are a plethora of various activities someone could choose to do. One that is fun and has fantastic benefits is swimming. When someone swims for an hour, they can burn as many calories as a runner without causing potential injuries to their bones or joints.

Swimming is one of the most popular activities in the United States. Understanding the health benefits of swimming regularly will make anyone put away their running shoes, go out and get pool loans, build a pool, put on their swimsuit, and swim to their heart’s content.

Uses the Entire Body

One of the main benefits of swimming is that it works the entire body. When a person swims, it aids in toning their muscle and building strength and endurance. It also can increase a person’s heart rate without overstressing their body. The water has a gentle resistance when someone swims, and no matter the stroke a person uses, they still use most of the muscles in their body.

Easy for Those With Health Issues

Swimming is also an incredibly safe activity for those with various health concerns. For example, if someone is struggling with arthritis or a disability where high-impact exercise is too strenuous, swimming is the best option for physical activity. It can reduce some of the pain associated with recovery from an injury too.

Swimming can also be an excellent choice for those with asthma or multiple sclerosis (MS). The various breathing exercises, plus the need to hold one’s breath, can aid in expanding someone’s lung capacity and gaining better control over their breathing which can benefit those with asthma. In addition, for those with MS, the fact that the water makes their limbs buoyant helps give them support as they exercise.

Burns Calories

The amount of calories one can burn when one swims regularly is wild. For example, if someone weighs around 160 pounds, they can burn over 400 calories when swimming at a moderate pace. In comparison, if that person were to go for a walk instead, they would only burn a little over 300 calories if they kept a pace of 3.5 miles per hour for one hour.

Aids in Sleep

Another benefit of swimming is that it has the potential and help someone sleep better. For example, a study showed a boost in a person with insomnia quality of sleep after participating in regular swimming exercises.

Helps Mental Health

Not only are there amazing physical benefits to swimming, but there are also benefits to one’s mental health. It has been shown that people who exercise in a pool have noticed a significant boost in their mood. It has also shown that those feeling stressed or dealing with mild depression noticed a significant change after they swam.

Safe During Pregnancy

A pregnant person can also find many benefits from swimming. Pregnancy can be uncomfortable at times, and the ease of swimming can bring some comfort to them throughout each trimester. It has also been shown to potentially help the baby’s brain development. After pregnancy, swimming also has benefits for kids. Not only is it fun for them, but it helps them get in some aerobic exercise. There are so many incredible benefits when someone swims for their daily exercise. Swimming is a wonderful option if someone is looking for something new or is just getting started in an exercise program. Swimming laps in a pool for 20 to 40 minutes can help keep a heart rate elevated and get the most out of their time in the pool.

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