Hairstyles for Wigs That You Need to Know

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Here are a few hairstyles for human hair wigs that will turn you into the diva that you deserve to look like!

Low ponytail 

This hairstyle is the perfect option for lace front wigs. You can explore your remy human hair wig by making low ponytails with different partings. Different partings give you multiple look options. All of the options look natural. 

Sleek straight hair 

Multiple stores sell sleek straight hairstyle wigs directly. The baby hair on the front is pre-plucked for you. Such human hair wigs are great as they can easily withstand heat. This gives you more styling options. You can use a hair straightener, hair spray, or wig gel to keep your baby hair out of your wig, in case they come with it. 

Low bun hairstyle

Messy buns are your go-to options with wigs for any clothing you wish to pick. You do not need to put much thought into the hairstyle and they do not take much time. Low buns are great for wigs that are long straight hair, or curly. 

Lace front wigs are perfect for styling your low bun without any damage to the wig. 

Curly hairstyles 

Remember when in doubt curl it out! 

You can also manipulate your wigs to have different hairstyles with the help of heat styling tools. You can turn your straight-haired wig into a curly or wavy wig with the help of your curler or even straightener. 

A wiser option would be to pick a curly hair wig if you’re sure you wish to have a curly hairstyle. However, if you’re planning on heat styling make sure your wig can withstand the heat. 

How to pick your perfect wig

Here are a few important things that you should keep in mind while choosing a wig: 

  • With multiple options out there it becomes difficult to make a choice. Choose a wig only after considering your needs. This way you’ll be able to pick the right fit for yourself. 
  • Know the purpose of your wig before you purchase it. Keep in mind what you’re buying it for. 
  • Fix a budget so you don’t get confused by the options you see. This will also help you save money wisely.
  • Certain virgin hair requires more care than others. Therefore, while picking one, consider if you’ll be able to give the care it demands. Otherwise, you might be wasting your money on it. 
  • Consider investing in certain products that help you expand the lifespan of your wig. 
  • Before investing in a wig, find out how durable it is. For instance, if it can withstand heat or styling. A lot of wigs have a disastrous outcome when exposed to heat. 
  • Make sure the wig that you kick makes you feel confident and comfortable. 

We hope that you keep these tips and hairstyles in mind while shopping for your wig. Happy shopping!

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