Guide to the Death Knight class with Ice specialization in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Death Knight class

World of Warcraft is one of the most iconic and unofficially the best MMO RPGs of all time in the gaming industry. The project is constantly evolving and receiving new major additions that bring new players to the servers of Azeroth with ambitions to become the best on the server.

You have several options for developing your character.

  1. Engage in pumping on a whim, that is, according to the scheme that the game offers you, but you must be prepared for the fact that training within WoW does not take into account the general game meta and does not help players master a specific profession, but provides a general set of knowledge for the project as a whole .
  2. Engage in pumping and activities based on guides and manuals written by players who have gone through the path of playing on your character and can share practical experience and skills that will help you avoid a lot of mistakes during the game.
  3. Skip the moment with training and pumping and immediately go to the stage of the game on the highl – after level 60. To do this, you need to follow the link – and choose a booster that will provide your character with a fast leveling. It is worth choosing according to the cost and time of the service. The service guarantees the safety of personal data and anonymity, but after the transaction is completed, it is recommended to change the password.

General information about the Frost Death Knight class

Ice is an offensive specialization that allows you to deal heavy damage to one or more targets in combination with the defense skills that all tanks have. The class can fight with two-handed one-handed swords and two-handed weapons.

The Death Knight can use a unique skill that creates a powerful protective magic shield that absorbs most of the magic damage until broken. All allies gain 30% increased Magic Defense.

Death Knight class

Major Changes to the Frost Death Knight Class in the Dragonflight Update

Most of the skills from the talent tree related specifically to the ice specialization received automatic learning and were partially shifted from the usual levels to later, but independent learning without the player’s actions.

These changes have affected the overall damage a character can give out in a short period of time. The chance of a critical attack when using frost skills has been increased, and talents allow you to empower skills when double damage is triggered.

The Killing Machine skill began to work twice and increase the power of Ice’s critical attack. In combination with the Extermination skill, you can get a good acceleration of two skills that will strengthen each other and often work in turn, preventing the enemy from getting out of a series of critical attacks.

Breath of Sildragosa has received an increase in cost per cast and a decrease in the overall cast time, but due to two runes and proper use, you can now fully invest in a short cycle of the skill to deal massive damage to the target before the end of one of the runes and extend the skill once before leaving on cooldowns.

Many talents became passive or basic abilities, but talents from other specializations of the Death Knight came in their place, which brought a significant variety and great variability in the formation of builds.

Skills that are available for learning in the Dragonflight update:

  • Will of the Dead – Significantly reduces all damage taken while below 30% health.
  • Reaper of Souls – attacks the enemy with a combined attack of darkness and ice and imposes a negative effect of the same name. If the target under the effect of the skill takes damage equal to 35% health, then the enemy will receive additional damage. If the enemy dies under the influence of the skill, then you will receive the Runic Corruption effect.
  • A stream of cold – deals damage and imposes a strong slowdown on the enemy up to 70% of the total movement speed. Jumps to all enemies within 8 meters.
  • Aid of the Frost Whelp – You use the power of Frost to summon a Whelp that deals forward damage and increases your Mastery for each enemy hit. The higher the Mastery score, the stronger and more often your skills work. The effect is increased by up to 10%.
  • Cold-Blooded Fury – All Froststrike critical attacks have a 10% chance to trigger Killing Machine.
Death Knight class

Key stats for the Frost Death Knight class

  • Mastery
  • Critical hit
  • Speed


This parameter affects the overall effectiveness, damage and chance of debuffs.

Since the Death Knight is a character strictly divided by the dependence on skills and auto-attacks to deal damage, it is precisely the increase in the effectiveness of skills that will bring noticeable progress in pumping and battles of your hero.

This is especially true of skills aimed at massive damage to targets and single and massive slowdown of all enemies within a range of up to 8 meters.

Critical hit

Since the second concept of the Death Knight after using the skills is to deal damage from the hand, or auto-attack with two single swords, or two-handed, it is the critical attack parameter that will help to significantly increase the potential of the class.

Most skills that act as buffs have an additional chance to proc on landing a critical attack, so it’s a good idea to stock up on items that buff this stat. Fortunately, getting them is not difficult, and it is enough just to pay attention to items of rarity above the usual.

The upgraded critical attack parameter will allow you to act as a full-fledged DD class and move away from the concept of a tank in favor of damage and self-leveling and changing roles in raids and dungeons.


Since the Frost Death Knight has a lot of skills to slow down opponents and increase his own damage, last but not least will be the speed parameter.

You need to constantly catch up and beat enemies, and this can only be achieved by having a speed higher than your opponent. Of course, you will have skills to slow down the running speed, but the personal parameter must be kept at a decent level in case the debuff does not work.

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