From pizza to performance: A business and IT alignment Experience

pizza business

The world we see today is evolving at a faster pace. From lantern to tube lights, from letters to emails, from carriages to cars, man has found ways to make his life more luxurious, to satiate his desire and lust for more. Gone are the days when one used to spread himself on the roadside to sell his products. With the advent of computers, a shift in the modes of doing business is seen. Men nowadays, prefer to channel their business online through different social media sites, shopping platforms, and whatnot. Now is the era of technology and gadgets. Mankind has evolved and has crossed a long way from the ancient past. The age of machines, where everything is done just by a simple click.

In the food and beverage franchise, we have seen how business management has aligned themselves with information technology to create a well-balanced far more enhancing profitable business shortly. A pizza owner knows very well that majority of his customers would prefer online booking and delivery at home facilities. If the franchisee doesn’t modify his business to suit the needs of the people, he would be left far behind and his business would plummet down drastically.

This is the advantage of business-IT alignment. It is a strategy that focuses on the investment of IT operations into Business objectives so that a franchise doesn’t only reduce cost and improve functions but also gain more profits and returns. From raw material supplies, staff management, recipe preparation, menu planning, order accepting and billing, there is no aspect of restaurant or food franchise business that cannot be improved with the Information Technology.

It can provide a cutting edge in maintaining relationships with customers, among franchises and with franchisors. The flow of information, business management, resource utilization can be made better and smoother with the use of the latest technology.

The best example is the international fast-food chains, which have grown tremendously by taking the business model to informational technology platforms. The customers now can from anywhere and anytime get their favorite pizza just by scrolling through the screen and clicks of buttons. With billing and ordering, the accounting for the restaurants has also become less complicated. This has helped in forming policies that can drive toward growth.

Benefits of using technology in Pizza Business:

  • When Business and IT collaborate, they offer a militia of opportunities and benefits. The relationships between different departments improve.
  • The customer gains insights into the process of pizza making and ingredients used as toppings.
  • Time for digitalization and promotional features are reduced.
  • Since IT helps in planning a better roadmap, it helps in developing the highest impact in business.

Importance of cloud computing in Pizza franchise

In the history of cloud computing, we have noticed that it has helped nearly all business functionalities to access automatic updates, back up and restore data. In Pizza Franchise too, cloud computing helps in offering a competitive edge over the competitors. Cloud computing is easy to implement in business sectors without any difficulties or technicalities. The user can access the system or the files stored under cloud computing from anywhere at any time. Cloud computing not only promotes flexibility for different organizations be it small or enormous but also allows mobility and balanced life for employers and employees

How to align Business and IT together under a single banner?

For the benefit of the business, customer satisfaction is crucial. Business firms who design and produce products that are highly in demand with the customers are likely to gain more profits than others. Products should not only be of high quality but also should have an attractive interface to appeal to the customers.

Step 1: evaluation.

The first step is to identify one’s weakness and a strong foothold in the business.  With the help of IT,  the weaker areas can be turned into strength.

Step 2: communication.

 Each department should have smooth communication among each other so that all can work can be interlinked to fulfill the bigger goal. This also helps in save time, money and resources. The productivity of the staff can also go up in an environment

Step 3: BRM.

 A business relationship manager should be appointed who will help in moderating and establishing a roadmap between IT leaders and the Franchisors in creating perfect strategies to uplift the business.

 Step 4: collaboration.

Effective collaboration and efficient communication between the business teams and IT sector would bring the change that both parties are hoping for, for a long time. 

Innovations in pizza franchise due to IT alignment

With digital technology and artificial integration into the food and beverage franchise business, the pizza franchise is noticed to be consistently getting more market expansion with faster innovations.

Ability to employ more staff

With the amalgamation of IT into business, the need for cloud computing and data storage has made it a necessity to employ more people in the IT department. This has caused a rise in the employment sector. The growing sector provides an opportunity for young people who are looking for side hustles or aiming to gain experience in the food business.

Increase in Pizza Sales

With the benefits of cloud-managed services, the sales of pizza have shot up overnight. A facility like online booking and home deliveries had made it possible for people to avail this delicious cuisine anytime anywhere. Ordering a pizza has now become as easy as switching on a fan. The simple and hassle-free technology has led to an increase in the customer base for the growing pizza market.

A better experience with customers

With the evolution of cloud computing and the benefit of managed services now the grievances of the customers can be easily redressed immediately. The customer is in exact know-how of every stage involved with ordering and delivering. What more facilities of cancellation and reorder have brought more and more people to order pizza.

More profits

Cloud computing in business IT office has helped in increasing the agility of the business and allows to be flexible to changes. This has enhanced more profits in the business franchise.

Domino’s, the biggest pizza franchise in the world has used customer relation management very aptly. It has provided a platform for the customers and buyers to voice their grievances and reviews regarding different types of pizzas. As a result, not only they are evaluating, daily but also they have able to touch the sky of success in a very short term.

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