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Regardless of how well-structured the content is, a slight chance of it having typos or wrong choice of words might still prevail, which is a recurring situation.

Hence a writer should acknowledge and implement the Free Proofreading Tool Benefits.

So, without any further delay, let us narrate to you some amazing benefits.


1. Cost-efficient

 Who doesn’t like the idea of availing benefits without paying a single penny?

And if you assent to this notion then you will be delighted by the fact that you can easily get your content to proofread without spending with the availability of free proofreading tools online.

These tools are works in your favour in a best way providing access to enough features to get their work improved as per their expectations.

However, if your documents are way too complicated, then you might have to invest some amount for advanced features.

2. Immediate Results

In urgent need to proofread the project within just a few minutes?

Well, then just sit back relax as the online proofreading tool will provide you with the greatest advantage, and that proofreading your content in just a few seconds.  Though, you have to make sure if your content fits the outline provided by your professor.

3. Ensuring Quality.

Generally, these proofreading tools can correct typos, punctuation errors, grammatical mistakes and recommend better word alternatives, permitting your content to possess a more professional look.

4. Learning Something New Almost Every Time

Another major reason to consider the benefits of online proofreading is that you might receive a few better ideas in terms of vocabulary and sentence structure. Furthermore, Youmight discover that the proof-reader probably detected a logical flaw in the content that you can apply in future content.

5. Attaining More Confidence in Your Writing

This is a no brainer because given that you are utterly confident with the nature of your content, errors are bound to happen like in punctuation or any other grammatical mistakes.

Hence, proofreading tool, you have installed in your software has always got your back.

Are you now convinced by the exponential potential of proofreading tools?

And now wondering about which tools to use.

Then read further to know about the list of tools you can check and install the one that perfectly satisfies your needs

6. Pro Writing Aid

For authors who are interested in writing fiction and nonfiction content, business writers and students. It offers a free version and also has two premium plans. Provides real-time suggestions, corrects grammar and spelling mistakes, will give summary reports, and identify redundancies plus overused words

7. Papermaker

For newbie writers and high school students, free option but with limited features and a premium version with free trials. Provides writing suggestions, spell and grammar check, Automated scoring, and more.

8. Suggest Writing Tone

Whether you are an entry-level writer or an established one, this tool works for all.

Can easily export the document to your desktop or google docs, allows spelling and grammar correction, provides you with set scoring and Reporting.

9. Wordy

Applicable for different levels of writers, especially for advanced writing projects.

Per words, it has a fixed rate, though unfortunately the process will not be automated which means you shall have to wait for like an hour until your document is processed.

The tool is also multilingual, permitting proofreading of documents in 15 languages.

10. Slick Write

For those who are interested in real-time writing, checking of articles, and formatting.

It is completely free and you have to give tips for the developers in the tip jar when if found your experience with the slick write up to the mark.

And is customizable, helps in creating graphs and charts from the data you have used. Available for extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Now it’s time to call it a day.


Any writer will believe in publishing content that has accurate usage of words and the potential to convey the message it intends to with complete clarity, which is possible if you have the habit of proofreading.

And the proofreading tools can make this happen without any room for mistakes.

Hence, investing in such tools will never be a waste of money.

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