Free directory submission sites

Free directory submission sites

Are you in search of the top best free directory submission sites that have high domain authority yet low spam scores? If yes, look no further, this is the right place for you. It is very wrong to rely on one way of building high traffic into your website because you have to try all possible ways to get top ranks for your website. In case you are struggling to bring more traffic to your site, then it is essential focusing on the SEO. However, it is not as more comfortable as said; you will have to need many quality backlinks to generate high traffic for your site to rank high. Submission of your website to the free directory is the right way of building quality backlinks. Although the SEO specialist does not believe in it, I have addressed the vital issue that you would need to know about the free directory submission sites.

Benefits of free directory submissions 

  • It enhances search engine ranking
  • Through listing your website using top directories, your website will attain the required exposure online. It is a way of building sites and boosting your search engine rank. Although many SEO specialists argue that free directories are not relevant when it comes to acquiring better SEO results, it is good giving them a try.
  • Increased link popularity
  • The free directory submissions offer you an advantage in search engine optimization. Ensure to select the right domain authoritative site in submitting your website or hiring people to do it for you.
  • Generating more visitors into your website
  • If you use the correct keywords in your submissions, then your directory listing will get listed among the best search engine listings. Automatically, this will send you target traffic to your site even when your website does not rank to the top in the search engines.
  • Indexing of the pages and website postings
  • The directory submissions offer you guaranteed search engine indexing. Thus, when submitting your site to the directories, ensure it will get indexed in your search engines.

The things you should put in mind while making the directory submission

  • It is essential to follow several guidelines when submitting your website to the directories. Below are recommendations that you can follow when doing it for better results.
  • Ensure that the directories are indexed and cached by the leading search engines.
  • Ensure to target terms like the main keywords, domain names, synonyms of the primary keywords and even the brand name of your site
  • Submit to every directory manually and avoid automated submission tools that take a lot of time doing it.
  • Submit different types of directories.

Examples of directory submission list

These are among many directory submissions that you can effectively use to create quality backlinks into your business website.

Final thoughts

Although many SEO experts do not trust that in free directory submission, I consider it as a great addition to the launched sites to acquire more exposure or optimization advantage. In my opinion, it is essential since it serves to help you attain visibility over the websites. Therefore, overdoing anything will only backfire. Thus, avoid submitting your business site to several different directories as it may cause more harm. However, choose some of the best lists to improve your SEO result that will see enhanced web ranking.

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