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The best and/or most logical way to find SEO clients is to rank number one on Google when people are searching for SEO companies. However, since this is only an option for a minority of companies, you are going to have find SEO clients via a different route. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find SEO clients. This guide assumes that your website and your sales process is already suitably successful.

Step One – Lead Generation

A large portion of your clients are not actually looking for SEO companies. Many of them are trying SEO themselves, so you should concentrate your advertisements around websites that teach people about SEO, or websites that SEO managers may visit (such as analytic websites, whois websites, writing companies such as assignmentmasters, image compressing tools websites, and so forth).

Lead Generation With LinkedIn

You can try finding new leads manually with LinkedIn, and if you have a suitably large sales staff, then you may be able to draw a reasonable ROI on your endeavor. Alternatively, you may use an automated tool such as Linked Helper.

Lead Generation With Google+

The communities on Google+ are great because they often attract a more mature audience. You can try selling your wares on SEO communities, but the best ones for lead generation are the heavily attended blogging communities.

Lead Generation With Twitter

Grab a tool such as Buffer, and use your free account to link with your Twitter account. Schedule ten tweets at a time, and simply give away SEO tips. Simple tips such as “Descriptive image ALT tags help you rank higher on the Google search engine and on Google images.” Occasionally, throw in an ad for your company and/or a link to your website.

Step Two – Getting People To Come To You

Getting people to come to you, or warm leads, are a little easier to sell to because the client is already aware of your company and may have already been exposed to some of your brand principles. Part of the selling process has been done already, and it is just up to you to take it to the next step.

Plaster Your Website And Phone Number Everywhere

Some people conduct research by simply collecting contact information and then going down the list trying to contact each company they found. In addition, it is surprising how many companies make their website or phone number difficult to find. Also, the more people see something, the more likely they are to trust it.

Have Social Media Influencers Recommend You

It will cost you a pretty penny, but contact popular social media characters who target web masters, and ask them to promote your website or your service. Since the social media influencer probably already deals with different SEO tools and companies, he or she may appreciate a free trial of your service so that he or she may review it.

Referrals Are The Warmest Leads

Reward your current customers if they refer people to your website or your service. Give your current customers a method for referring people to you, and when the new potential-customer actually makes a purchase, both the referrer and the new customer receive a discount.

Step Three – Scheduling A Call

Getting people to lodge a message of intent is tricky enough, but it is then up to you to make contact with them. The gentlest way is via email, but it is very easy to ignore emails. Instead, it may be better to schedule a call to discuss your (potential new) client’s needs.

Referrals Again

Once again, if you give your current customers an incentive to refer your company, then you may be able to have interested companies call you instead of you calling them. You could use referrals to direct people to a website where they may book a sales call. Just like booking a time-sensitive delivery online, people may select what day and what time they are called.

A Website Sub-Section Where People Book A Call Back

Insurance companies do this sort of thing all the time. They offer a button or link to a section of their website where the user enters a phone number and schedules a time when it is convenient for the insurance company to call them. You may do the same thing with your SEO clients.

A Soft Suggestion Via Email

When you send emails via something such as a newsletter, alongside your other calls to action you may also suggest that people book a time when it is convenient for your company to call them back.

An Email Correspondence Suggestion

If you are lucky enough to have engaged in correspondence with a potential client via email, messenger, What’sApp, etc., then suggest that you call them right away to talk about their needs and/or your service. If you feel a little resistance from the client, ask if they would prefer a Skype chat/

Step Four – Closing The Sale

The phrase “Always Be Closing” may not be suitable in the case of selling SEO services to web masters. Try to think of it more as a process where you may upsell as time goes on. For example, you may start a client off slowly by promising ten backlinks, and then move forward into things such as social media optimization and lessons about on-page optimizing.

Make A Promise

The great thing about selling a service is that you may simply close a sale by making a promise to do as you have suggested. This is especially true if you make your money by charging for results. There is always a chance that your client will refuse to pay if you simply go ahead and do what was discussed, but if your client sees positive results, then he/she/it is likely to pay up in order for you to continue doing what you are doing.

Add Things To An Invoice As You Make Your Sale

Start the selling process with an invoice, and start by marking down what your client will get for free. As you sell your service, add each service to the invoice. Once you feel the process is coming to an end, present the invoice and suggest that you may start working as soon as the invoice is paid.

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