Filters of AngularJS

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Using pipe(|) character Filters of AngularJS are used to change the data in directives. This selects a subset of items from array and returns it as a new array. An AngularJS filter formats the value of an expression for display to the user. They can be used in view templates, controllers or services. It is easy to create your own filter.

{{ filter_expression | filter : expression : comparator : anyPropertyKey}}

{{ filter_expression | filter }}

{{ filter_expression | filter1 | filter2 | … }}

{{ filter_expression | filter:argument1:argument2:… }}

Here are list of filters below:

Here is list Filters of AngularJS:

uppercase filter:

To show name in all capital letters use uppercase filter.

Name: {{name.fullName() | uppercase}}

lowercase filter:

To show name in all lowercase letters use lowercase filter.

Name: {{name.fullName() | lowercase}}

currency filter:

You can use currency filter to show price using currency format.

Salary: {{name.salary | currency}}

orderby filter:

To order name by alphabet, you can use orderBy.

  <li ng-repeat="fullname in name.firstName | orderBy:'firstName'">
    {{ fullname.firstName }}

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filter filter:

To display only required name, we’ve used subjectName as filter.
Enter name: <input type=”text” ng-model=”userName”>

  <li ng-repeat="fullname in name.firstName | filter: userName">
    {{ fullname.firstName }}

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