Factors That Necessitates Change of Broadband Operator and How to Choose New Operators

Broadband Operator

With the proliferation of operators and packages, changing broadband Internet service providers have become quite common. Nevertheless, it can still be likened to an obstacle course. This article details the steps of a change of supplier: why to change? How to choose a subscription, how to subscribe to a new operator and how to cancel the old one.

Why Change Broadband Internet Service Providers?

Different reasons can push a surfer to change broadband Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as price, moving, looking for better services, and better flow.

Change of Supplier Due to Price Increase or for a Cheaper Offer

The most common reason for changing ISPs is the change to a cheaper offer. However, you must make sure, before proceeding to the change of ISP, that you are not subject to a commitment.

If your internet service provider suddenly decides to increase the price of your subscription, whatever the reason (VAT increase for example), you can invoke it as a reason for termination of the contract. Indeed, the Consumer Code states: “it is possible to terminate without charge for non-acceptance of the new contractual conditions within four months after their establishment.”.

Your ISP must send you an email informing you of the rate increase at least one month before it is effective.

Change Supplier During a Move

A move is often the right time to change the internet operator. If you move to an area that is not eligible for your current offer, you may request termination of your contract without charge, even if you are still subject to a commitment.

Change Provider to Benefit From Better Services

If you are not satisfied with your current offer and you are not subject to any commitment, you can compare the best broadband deals and leave your current operator for another that offers a more attractive package.

If you are still subject to a commitment period, you can still change operator, provided you pay the remaining amount to pay until the end of the commitment.

Change ISPs for Better Speed

With the implementation of the UK’s broadband plan, the deployment of fiber will open the majority of the UK population at very high speed. It then becomes interesting to put an end to a lower bandwidth rate (ADSL, VDSL) to enjoy the comfort and speed of fiber optics.

How to Choose an Internet Subscription?

Before embarking on the procedure of terminating the former operator and subscribing to a new operator, it is first advisable to select the latter. For that, two things are necessary: test its eligibility and compare the offers of different ISPs:

Eligibility of the line

The eligibility of a line is its ability to support a proposed service. In this case, it is about Internet services (ADSL, optical fiber, television by the Internet, etc.).

To check the eligibility of a line, an eligibility test is carried out to determine:

  • available technology (ADSL, VDSL, fiber optics ),
  • the connection speed,
  • the unbundling of the line (in case of ADSL),
  • Accessible services.

Comparison of internet offers

Once the test has determined the eligibility of the line, it is interesting to compare broadband the internet offers from different providers. In fact, depending on the technology available or the unbundling of the line, the prices and services offered from one operator to another may vary considerably (television, fixed telephony, etc.).

How to Change the Internet Operator Without a Connection Break?

Subscription at the new operator

Once the eligibility test and the comparison of the offers are made, it is advisable to subscribe to the chosen internet access provider before terminating the subscription with the former operator.

When do You Subscribe?

It is recommended to make the subscription to the new operator before canceling the old one to avoid a break of the line. Indeed, the establishment of an ADSL line requires an average time of 15 days. The termination of the former operator also takes about 15 days.

Subscription of an Internet Offer

To subscribe to an offer, provided you with the full postal address of the place where you want to install the internet connection as well as the number of the line concerned (or the name of the former owner of the line).

If your home is eligible for fiber, it will not be necessary to give the phone number or name of the former tenant.

Cancellation of the Subscription at the Former Operator

Termination request

To cancel the subscription, you must send a letter of cancellation by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to your operator. Find the models of termination letter.

Free customers, you must upload a cancellation form to your personal space and send it to the operator, always by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

Once the mail is received, the operator has ten days to cancel the subscription. The latter send you by mail the confirmation of your request also specifying the amount of the cancellation fee.

Returning material

The confirmation mail of the cancellation request also contains a return label.

To return the equipment, gather all the equipment (box, modem, cables, remote control, etc.) in the original boxes. Place the boxes in a stiff cardboard box, then glue the return label of your operator. Then put the parcel in a parcel point near your home where your operator will have provided the list by mail.

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