Emojis using Javascript

learning javascript

Technology, undeniably has shaped our life beyond our thinking. The pace at which technology has evolved in last 3 decades is nothing less than a miracle. You think of any profession, you have some kind of technolgical interface between the end result and the human effort. Computers and computing devices have given this technological advancement the nitrous boost which has speeden up their dependencies in all thinkable professions.

All these have been possible because of different programming languages which we can use to code all these softwares.

And if we talk of programming language, Javascript has emerged as one of the most powerful and loved programming language.
It had its struggle at the beginning but when people realized its true potential since then it has evolved into one of the
most elegant and accepted programming language. Now a days many popular frameworks are also using javascript as its base.

You can do all the complicated tasks using javascript and sometimes you can just be an artist and play with javascript to make something which can have mass appeal.The below tutorial is for all the coders to explore the hidden artist in you and show your emotion to your loved ones in the form of Emojis.

“So,Don’t just be another coder, be an artist who can do anything with Coding.  SciTech Hub brings another fun loving yet very intriguing tutorial on javascript. Make different kind of Emojis using Javascript functions and HTML 5 canvas”.

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