Binance CEO CZ is the one who has lost the most money in the history


When CZ came to Canada from China as an immigrant, that was the start of his humble life. He came from China. There, he worked many different jobs to support his family. He even worked at McDonald’s at one point in his life, you can even check this at this link.

After all of this work, CZ was able to graduate from McGill University in Montreal with a degree in computer science. He then made trading software for the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Bloomberg’s Tradebook, which was a big step forward.

The first time he heard about Bitcoin was in 2013 when he was playing poker. After that, he decided to focus on the cryptocurrency business for the rest of his life. He even sold his house to get the money he needed to buy Bitcoin. If you also want to know how to  invest or trade in cryptos then check this official website Bitcoin smart.

The price of Bitcoin dropped quickly from $600 to $200 after he bought it, but he didn’t give up. Changpeng Zhao is known by a lot of names. He has more money than anyone else in the cryptocurrency business. He started the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and is one of the most important people in the field.

But what about the person who has made the most mistakes? One report says that this is the millionaire’s newest title, which not many people think of him with. But this is now what people call him.

He is better known as “CZ,” and for a long time, he was the richest person in the cryptocurrency business. The vast majority of his money comes from his stake in Binance, which is the cryptocurrency exchange with the most trades. As one of the first people to get into the cryptocurrency business, he is known to own a lot of Binance Coin tokens and many other cryptocurrencies.

A study by CNF says that at the start of this year, CZ was the richest person in both crypto and traditional finance. He knew more about banking than bankers who had worked there for more than forty years.

Find out how CZ moved to the top of Forbes’ list of crypto millionaires and how the creators of OpenSea and Alchemy made their first appearances on the list.

On the other hand, CZ has lost a lot of money because the cryptocurrency market crashed. He is worth about $14.9 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. So far this year, he has lost an amazing $80.9 billion, plus $325 million in the last few days. People thought he was worth about $11 billion just a few days ago.

CZ is now the person in the history of the world who has lost the most money.

The bad record was held for a long time by Masayoshi Son, who also started the financial company SoftBank. Son is an active investor in new technology companies, and some of his bets have done well.

He put $20 million into the Chinese company Alibaba, which at the time it went public was worth $60 billion. But some, like WeWork, have lost billions of dollars and can’t make money.

Son invested hundreds of millions of dollars in many new technology companies during the dot-com era. Because of these investments, Son’s net worth has grown to a staggering $78 billion. After that, the bubble burst, which cut his wealth down to $1.1 billion.

Because of this loss of 76.9 billion dollars, he is now the person in the history of the world who has lost the most money. Before CZ took it away from him, he held that title for about twenty years straight.

Once the cryptocurrency markets start to get better, CZ will probably be able to get back to where it used to be. But he said the day before that he didn’t diversify his investments, so it’s possible that he did so this time to protect them from such a big loss.

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