6 Effective Ways In 2024 To Earn Money Online In India

Making Money Online

Businesses are evolving, and so are the methods to make money through them. We are living in an era where the only things you need to make money is a skill and a wifi connection and then boom! You have N number of ways to earn through various websites like PrizeHog. And in such unprecedented times as COVID-19, it seems most important to have an option to earn money online.

With almost everything shifting from offline to online, be it marketing, payments, entertainment, education, it’s not hard to imagine a successful business or service being run online and also have a steady income from the same. Let us look at some options chosen by most of the people today to earn money online effectively:

Be A Social Media Influencer / Youtuber

This is becoming one of the most popular ways to make money online, especially for millennials. If you have a particular talent or ability to generate a certain kind of content that you feel would be liked by people, then, you are Game!

Well, it is not as simple as it sounds. It isn’t easy to generate unique content in any domain. What’s even more difficult is maintaining your credibility and evolving with the fast-changing requirements of your audience.

But the beauty of it is, you can work on something you love to do and even earn money from it also if it’s as simple as applying make-up or shopping or dressing up. The whole point is to be unique, creative, and your content should be relatable for the followers. If you are talented in a particular area, be it music, dance, painting, or writing, you can start your channel or page on any of the social media platforms.

Once you become famous and have enough subscribers/followers, you can start earning money through advertisements, sponsored posts for brands, etc. Influencers and Youtubers are earning as much as 50 lakhs a year only through their online content.

Be A Freelancer

It is mostly used for providing any professional service to multiple clients at a time. The person is not obliged to work for a particular firm or person. He can work according to his bandwidth and, thus, earn much more than what he would have been making at a regular corporate job. Various services could be delivered online.

You could work as a Consultant, Marketing expert, Big data expert, Designer, and the options are endless. You need to find out your skill and interest and, most importantly, make people trust your skills, so they choose you. Successful freelancers nowadays are earning lakhs per month. 

Stock Market Trading

Stock market Trading would be your best option if you don’t want to put much effort or time into online money-making but want an additional source of cash flow to your current income. Though there are people who are solely surviving on stock market trading, this is mostly pursued along with other jobs/businesses.

It is also the most widely used option by people. Young or old, anyone who has a knack of investing their savings judiciously, would keep stock market trading as one of the options. Though it is the most common option, in no way, it means that it doesn’t require any talent. People need to have a decent knowledge of the stocks they are investing in, how much they should spend, the period for which they should invest, etc. That is the reason people prefer expert guidance before trading.

Blogging And Affiliate Marketing 

If you are passionate about writing on any particular topic, be it fashion, books, or movies, you can start your blog or website. Once it becomes widespread, there are several ways in which you can earn money. Not only can you make money through standard advertisements, but also through Google Adsense, which pays you for putting ads on your blog if it has decent traffic. Affiliate marketing is another way to earn money through your blog.

You can market any particular product or brand by creating content around that product, and you get a commission from the retailer/company every time a person buys that product through your blog/link. It is becoming quite a popular way to earn money. And then, if you are good enough, there is always the option of writing for a particular website or company and making money.

Online Teaching

Online learning is becoming popular day by day. Many E-Learning platforms such as Unacademy, Byju’s, etc. help you earn money online by letting you provide classes online. All you need is some good quality recording equipment, and you are good to go.

If you don’t want to collaborate with any firm, you can also start online teaching at a small level on your own. Not only is it becoming a popular way of learning in metros, but tier 3 cities that don’t have proper resources or quality teachers would be more than happy to enroll for such a learning platform.

Earn Money Online with Online Games

Quite an unpopular choice, but it is gaining the spotlight. Professional poker players are earning millions by playing online poker tournaments, and this is their primary source of income. Not just poker, but there are various other games through which you can earn money online.

InboxDollars and Point Club are some of the platforms through which you can make money just by playing games. Expert players of popular games such as PUBG earn lakhs by posting their game videos online. It is a rather unconventional way of making money online but a legal way. Hence, it’s becoming prevalent amongst gamer geeks.

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