Don’t Know Whether To Implement Image SEO? Know Why You Should Do It Right Away

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Images play a significant role in any website. No matter how good your content is, without any image, it will fail to retain visitors. Rarely do people find websites interesting without any relevant images. But, since SEO and page speed are related, image compression plays an important role.

But, What is Image SEO

Image SEO is the process of optimizing images on websites to make it easy to find or search for search engines like Google. The concerning part includes load time, image type, image size. Working on these factors will make your website stand out and also improve your search rankings.

Since many websites and works involve images, therefore images should be a part of your SEO concern. But you need not worry as the best SEO agency; RED Search SEO Sydney has got you covered.

Here Are Some Crucial Image Seo Tips To Simplify Your Marketing Efforts

  • Choosing the correct format – There are many image formats, but the most well-known are PNG and JPEG. PNG produces better images with larger sizes, while JPEG lets you adjust the quality to a good balance.
  • Scaling of images – This is important as using larger images will reduce your website’s load time, affecting the user experience, and Google may penalize your rank.
  • Use compressors to reduce image sizes – Companies like Red Search SEO Sydney suggest using compressors to reduce image sizes related to page speed. With controlled images and choosing the correct format, you can increase your website speed, improving your rankings.
  • Add and optimize alt image tags – Your website should be helpful for all kinds of people, including visually impaired and blind people. These tags make it user-friendly for them and also helps search engines process the image without seeing them. This helps improve in search ranks as this factor is included while google ranks the pages.
  • Use unique images – If you want your photos to pop out of your website, go with original images instead of stock images as they wouldn’t look organic. Original and high-quality images will help your website stand out from the masses.
  • Give customized names to images – Descriptive and creative naming of images is crucial as they would alert Google and other search engines about the image’s subject matter.
  • Make the images mobile-friendly With the whole world shifting to smartphones during the pandemic, it is essential that you make responsive images that scale themselves according to the size of the site.
  • Create sitemaps with images – This increases search engine crawling, thereby increasing organic traffic.

Should Images Be A Part Of Your Seo Concern?

After citing all the points about what image SEO is and how it works, it should not be difficult. With the digitalization of markets, every step that would possibly improve your SERP should be a part of your SEO concern. 
However, if you still need a professional, Red Search Agency Sydney would relieve you from this headache and effectively manage image SEO to give the best outputs.

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