Disadvantages of Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic

Traffic on a website is a key to run any online business and in paid traffic there are advantages and disadvantages also.

So, targeted paid traffic can only worth your money.

As paid traffic gather audience to a website, so this way, their business is viewed by many users and here in this process business gets some of the traffic that converts into customers.

While you are buying traffic, the most useful paid traffic sources like advertising on Facebook ads, Google adwords and other advertising etc. are useful to get more targeted visitors.

Thus, we can divide such paid traffic into two forms i.e. “Un-targeted Paid traffic”, which is you are getting promised number of visits on your website from multiple location and “Targeted Paid Traffic”, which is what every business owner should look forward to.

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Here are disadvantages of Paid Traffic:

  • Google Adsense hates PPC Traffic. They are taking this seriously and they consider it as Adsense violation. When you buy paid traffic for your Adsense enabled blog, most of the time Adsense ban your account.
  • No new subscribers while buying a traffic to your landing page because un-targeted sources will not convert into subscribers.
  • While getting traffic through paid traffic program, you can be sure that if you are offering a product or services for sale, you will not get ant sales of your products and services.
  • Bounce rate will be high as while people visit your homepage or other pages, they will leave without checking related pages.

As a alternative of paid traffic you can concentrate on these things:

  • SEO
  • Guest posting
  • Comment on blogs or forums
  • Record videos for website

To get more traffic, blogging and promoting on a social media is most effective and free way to get huge traffic.

For example, create a Facebook fan page, Google+ page and Twitter profile for your website may be best choice to promote your business.

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