Data Recovery, Causes of Data Loss, and the Best Way to Recover

Data Recovery

Gone are the days when people used to depend on paper and pen. Digital files have almost completely replaced papers and physical documents both in corporate and personal space. However, this migration from physical information materials to digital files has also increased the chances of data loss due to various factors. For example, a sudden hard drive crash can cause to lose word data from a personal computer or secondary storage devices. Today’s technology is largely machine-based; that’s why it can fail anytime, anywhere. This is where word document recovery comes into play.

Let’s check out what is data recovery, along with a few causes of data damage, and the best way to retrieve lost data.

Data Recovery – Definition

Data recovery is the procedure that includes the restoration of lost, accidentally deleted, corrupted, virus-affected, or inaccessible data. In most of the cases, it involves data recovery from internal memory or external storage devices such as solid-state drives (SSD), hard disk drives (HDD), floppy disks, DVDs, CDs, magnetic tapes, memory cards, and other similar devices.

Are you still wondering how to recover word document? Data recovery services recover word documents that were unintentionally deleted without having a backup, but which are existing in fragments on your HDD.

Reasons for Data Loss

There could be multiple reasons to lose data, such as unexpected system failure, natural disasters, malware or virus attack, unrecognized formatting, theft, damaged files, and much more. One of the main factors that cause data loss is human error.

Data loss can be divided into logical and physical damage.

Physical Damage

There can be several reasons for physical damage to storage devices. Check out some common examples of data loss due to such damage.

  1. Mechanical failures of HDDs such as head crash or motor failure
  2. Breaking of magnetic tapes
  3. A lot of scratches on DVD/CDs
  4. Sudden power outage or electric failure

Expert data recovery services help you recover documents lost due to physical damage. They have a proven track record when it comes to retrieving data or any other information lost due to physical damage. Opening a broken drive requires proper technical knowledge and expertise. Such procedures are performed in dust and static-free clean rooms. The expert may need to replace damaged parts of the hard disk drive or repair the existing parts where possible. It is worth noting that data recovery becomes very challenging or even impossible when the hard drive platter is badly damaged.

Logical Damage

Logical damage of data has nothing to do with the hardware. This sort of data loss is exclusively caused by software issues. One of the most common causes of logical damage is the bad sector. This makes data in specific HDD sector inaccessible. Data lost due to this kind of issue can easily be recovered with the top data recovery software such as iSkysoft. This software can recover data by repairing the bad sectors on your computer’s hard disk drive.

Similarly, damage in the partition table or file system of HDDs makes data unreadable. Reliable data recovery software can be used in such a condition to retrieve that lost data. Another main cause of the logical damage is the overwritten data. The recovery application can help you regain original data if data is overwritten.

Recovering Data with iSkysoft data recovery

iSkysoft is the most dependable recovery software application currently available on the market. It allows retrieving all bits of lost data through high-tech autorecover word features. Using this software is simple, as you only have to follow a few easy steps to get lost data back. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • First, you need to choose the ‘deleted files recovery’ option to initiate the auto-recovery process for a word document. The iSkysoft requires the least interface and performs perfectly without needing any further interference from your end.
  • Now you need to select a location on the disk so that the program can start scanning that specific part to check for lost data. The software will start scanning the partition to recover the damaged word document. It allows you to retrieve word documents from MS Word 2007 or above.
  • iSkysoft will show a preview of documents that have been recovered during the scan process. Here you can choose files that should be recovered, and disregard the unwanted ones.
  • In some instances, a normal scan might not be enough to recover damaged word files. In such cases, the user should run ‘All-around Recovery’ mode to get comprehensive results. iSkysoft offers this deep scan to generate the best output while recovering lost or damaged word files.

The software is easy-to-setup and offers great results quickly. It is equally beneficial for recovering data from both internal and external storage media. You can get it for your Windows or Mac operating systems.

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