Dangerous Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends

Social media is a wonderful tool that can be used to spread awareness and help educate others. But it can also be dangerous if you don’t consider your actions’ consequences. Here are some dangerous social media trends that could result in you getting hurt or worst:

Tide Pod Challenge

Tide pods are a laundry product introduced to the market in 2015. They are a washing product; therefore, eating them can cause serious harm. People on social media have been eating them and posting videos on social media as a joke or as an April fool’s Day prank. This is dangerous because people aren’t aware of these products’ dangers—and many don’t realize that they should never eat anything out of their washing machine.

If your child is hurt while doing any absurd social media challenges, consider filing a lawsuit against the pioneer. It is important to explore about the lawsuit before filing the case. You can learn distinctive key points by visiting https://www.dolmanlaw.com/ about how a lawyer can help you with social media harm.

Blue Whale Challenge

The Blue Whale Challenge is a social media game where participants are assigned daily tasks and must complete them before the 50th day. It was created by a Russian teenager named Philipp Budeikin, who called it “a modern-day version of the ancient Greek myth of Theseus.” He said he wanted to create something similar to an online role-playing game.

The goal is simple: complete 50 tasks in 50 days or else you die (or maybe not). As you go along, some tasks become more extreme than others; at one point, for example, participants must write about their imagined deaths over 40 times each day for 100 consecutive days.

The Choking Game

The choking game is a dangerous social media trend that involves placing objects in one’s mouth and then holding them closed until one loses consciousness. This can be done with pillows, chairs, or even your own hands.

Besides being dangerous and potentially fatal, this trend can also lead to other health problems, such as:

  • Sudden Loss of Consciousness (SLC) – A sudden loss of consciousness (SLC) is usually caused by injury or trauma to the brainstem; however, it may also occur when someone suddenly stops breathing due to an airway obstruction caused by ingestion which prevents the proper flow of oxygenated blood into their lungs.

Fire Challenges

While some may think this is an innocent way to have fun with friends, the dangerous nature of this activity should not be ignored. When you participate in a “fire challenge”:

  • You risk injuring yourself or others nearby. If something catches on fire while you’re doing it—and it could happen at any time—you’ll need to act quickly to put out the flames before they spread further.
  • You may get banned from social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram because they don’t want their platform used for such activities.

The world of social media can be a dangerous place for teens. If you’re worried about your child accessing dangerous posts, we recommend setting clear guidelines and boundaries on how they use their devices.

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