Creating a Logo: What nuances are


When the level of activity develops into professionalism and the usual hobby turns into not only a favorite job, but also a way to earn money, people think that it would be nice to have their own distinctive sign. Something that will set you apart from your competitors and give a clear understanding to the consumer.

Who needs a logo? Is it possible to do without it in the modern world of business, when our consumers and potential customers are rarely surprised by anything? If you are a professional in your field, then you cannot do without a logo. It is the detail in which your partners, customers, competitors will form their opinion about you.

That’s why you need to take the creation of a logo seriously and, even if you don’t know how to do it, you can use the logo maker. Otherwise, you should contact someone who will draw a unique design. However, it costs money, and there is not always a budget for the services of a specialist.

Unfortunately, most do not know the main points of creating a logo, so they face this problem precisely when the deadline is already from day to day, or it is necessary to urgently present the product. The correct design of the logo will save your nerves, money and time during production.

What is worth knowing?

The logo must be unique. You should not take the idea of ​​a famous brand just because it is very beautiful and popular. The logo has a logical explanation – why it is exactly the way it is, what this element carries in itself, why it is drawn this way here. Often, even some secret meaning, some kind of history of the company is hidden in the logo. And every company has its own story, so be yourself, be unique and create your own company history.

It is important that the logo is understandable. It does not mean that, for example, a company producing upholstered furniture should depict a sofa on the logo. But this option can be presented beautifully and stylishly.

The logo must also be easy to read. No need to use decorative fonts in writing small text. Keep in mind that your logo will have to be used in production:

  • advertising;
  • souvenir;
  • business;
  • packaging products.

These are usually rather imperceptible nuances, so it is important that all small details are written very clearly and legibly – without any incomprehensible lines and excesses.

If you have a long or some kind of extraordinary company name or, if this is your brand logo, or last name, then it is also better not to use handwritten, complex, and questionable fonts. Don’t rule out using such a font, just be careful with it. Not always such options will be in a winning position.

By the way, a well-chosen font spelling of the company name can also be a logo. It is a versatile option for a logo, as it is usually very easy to use in production. And don’t be afraid that your logo is just text. The proof of it is of course the world-famous brands.

Many well-known companies use only a sign as a logo. But only well-known world brands can afford it. Since their level of recognition is such that there is absolutely no need to write who it is and what kind of company it is. For example, Apple or Nike. Of course, these companies did not immediately have such a logo. But over time, the growth in popularity of logos has been simplified to using only a sign. Therefore, for start-up companies, it is recommended not to use this version of the logo. If only you have a huge budget to promote brands.

There is another version of the logo – it is the use of both font writing and a sign in the logo.

A properly designed logo can be perfect for any field of activity. What is important in this case is that usually, the logo icon is small. Therefore, as in the situation with small text, you need to ensure that there are no small details, fonts, and thin lines in the logo sign.


Creating a logo is a rather laborious process. However, specialized applications help to simplify this task. Moreover, there are training videos that describe the main directions for creating a logo. The main thing in this business is understanding the result and the desire to create an original logo. Therefore, it is not always necessary to seek the help of a professional designer. Only you understand what the brand will be like and what logo should decorate the business of your life.

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