Color By Number: A Complete Discernment

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Dan Robbins, a commercial artist, is the father of paint or color by number. He partnered up with Max Klein in 1950 to create this sensational game we know and love today. Their inspiration was from creating a situation where the painter would try to solve the mystery in the picture. This later evolved and diversified into a game.

Color by number is a game that creates mystery in the artwork. It requires the player to paint the piece of art with the required color. This piece of art is usually divided into different segments, and each segment is numbered. An instructional key matches a given number with a color. This key guides the player in painting the artwork.

This game can be played physically with a canvas or a book. It can also be played online via applications. Either medium ensures that the player has a lot of fun while playing.

Let us look at the various products in these two categories.

Color By Number Books Available for Players

There are a plethora of books available for both senior and junior players. These books come with different designs and instructions for the players. The most common types of these books include;

1. Geometric Color Books

The Geometric color book comes with different patterns and types of geometry. These patterns could be shapes, angles, and graphs. The book is purchased with a manual that instructs the player on how to color. Most of these books are bought with a set of colors.

The player is required to color the numbered segment with the accompanying color. Upon completion, the geometric pattern reveals a work of art.

2. Mandala Color Books

This color book is one of the most sought-after gaming books. A mandala is a geometric symbol that is perceived as a spiritual guidance tool. Spiritual attachment is the main reason why mandala coloring books have a high demand.

The shapes and symbols in mandala books are beautiful. These symbols are segmented and numbered. A different color is given to each number. The player is required to color each segment with the designated color.

This process engages the player and is fun.

3. Nature Color Books

The nature color book is another type of color by number book. This book has an interesting work of art that purely stems from natural phenomena. These include oceans, rivers, mountains, and the sky.

The player is required to paint the piece of art with numbered colors. This reveals a beautiful result of the particular natural phenomenon. You can hang the resulting artwork in your living room as a reward.

4. Target Color Books

These are color books that are targeted to a specific group of players or a specific occasion. These books include Teen Coloring Books, Men Coloring Books, and Women Coloring Books. There are also Valentine Day Coloring Books and Father’s Day Coloring Books.

5. Mixed Style Coloring Books

Mixed style coloring books are a combination of the aforementioned types of color books. These books have geometric shapes, mandala symbols, and nature-inspired art.

Color by Number Software Applications

Apart from the physical medium for playing color by number games, you can also play this game online.

Here are some of the applications that are available for playing color by number.

1. Tap Color

This application is available to both windows and android gadgets. Players are required to tap on the screen to color the numbered section. The colors are selected at the bottom of the screen by tapping on them.

There are various images, shapes, and symbols to be colored.

Installing this application is free!

2. Pixel Art: Color by number

The Pixel Art: Color by number application is available in both the app store and play store. It is an application that requires players to paint different pieces of art.

The colors are dragged from the bottom of the screen and dropped on the numbered section of the artwork. This process is done until the entire piece of art is painted.

3. Paintist 2020

Paintist 2020 is a virtual book for coloring. This application is unique because it can be accessed without the internet. The player only needs to download and install this application.

It has numerous works of art that are fun to color. There is also a help icon on the screen. This icon is used to assist the player in case they are having trouble finding the colors.

4. Parting Shot

These applications and books provide a good time to color by number players. The different varieties ensure that the game is interesting.

Try out one of these games today.

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