Choosing a Workday Implementation Partner

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Now that you’ve decided to join the scores of companies that use Workday to transform HR into a streamlined and more productive department, you need an implementation partner to get the system up and running as optimally and quickly as possible. But what should you look for in such a consultant, and what would they offer? 

Here’s what you need to know about choosing a Workday implementation partner.

About Workday

Workday is a cloud-based all-in-one human capital management software solution that centralizes HR and other operations through a technology platform that aims to bring people to the enterprise’s core. With Human Resource Management – one of the features of Workday – your workforce can be more effectively organized and managed, thanks to amenities such compensation and absence management. In all, Workday frees your organization to focus more on the bottom line.

What Are Workday Advantages?

Overall, Workday can markedly enhance HR and payroll compliance, lower risk, offer superior info for strategic planning, and boost efficiencies across the board. Specifically, Workday:

  • Allows anytime access to data over a secure network.
  • Offers easy access to rudimentary personnel documents such as earning statements, and the ability to update files with personal data such as contact info and W-2 withholdings.
  • Provides leaders with quick access to up-to-date team information, such as existing job descriptions.
  • Breaks down and automates personnel entries to ensure that the right titles and positions are entered into the system.
  • Gets rid of the need to produce and maintain ancillary “shadow systems” for department processes.
  • Regularly unveils novel HR and payroll features and capabilities.
  • Works on Macs as well as PCs. 

Why Do You Need Help with Workday Implementation?

While Workday is a wildly successful and oft-used software application, there are often challenges with implementation, particularly for larger organizations. That’s why you need Workday implementation partners. In fact, 75% of all Workday deployments are assisted by consulting firms or service partners.

What Should You Look for in an Implementation Partner?

Naturally, you need a partner that has a deep knowledge of the software, plus expertise in the HR/HCM arena. 

It’s also necessary that your partner has a history of executing multiple implementations for clients whose security, setup and other requirements have more complexity than does your company.

What’s more, because Workday introduces frequent updates, you want a partner that is all over them from the get-go. Your partner should also know about change management methods and models that can help organizations adopt changes and have a plan ready for delay-causing glitches.

For the first year to year-and-a-half of Workday launch, it would helpful if your partner offered round-the-clock support. And you should make sure your implementation partner is a certified member of the Workday partner program, preferably one in long standing since you don’t want to leave implementation to novices. The HR consultant Mercer, for instance, has been a Workday partner for over a decade.

In addition, you want an implementation partner that has an easily understood implementation plan, and one that can, through the Workday platform, leverage collaborations between HR and finance.

Finally, your partner should be able to assure that your organization’s Workday Human Capital Management is in keeping with business goals and processes.

As you can see, choosing a Workday implementation partner can be fraught, but it’s vital that you get this right. The last thing you want is a system that’s just hanging around – unused – due to avoidable delays. So, make sure you choose an established partner that knows what it’s doing and has Workday partnership experience.

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