Branding Colors: How Good Color Can Impact Your Web Design

Branding Colors

“Mere color can speak to a soul in a thousand different ways”

This quote by Oscar Wilde speaks volumes about the topic, which is how colors can impact your web design essex.

Being web developers, your primary job is to make sure that every website that we create brings out the right message in the right manner.

And one of the most important factors in this is the use of right colors.

Remember choice of color schemes goes even beyond using your client’s desired colors or even the brand colors.

Similarly, there are a lot of factors to consider and this article speaks of most of them.

An ideal website is a good marketing strategy for any brand since it helps in commanding authority in the market and boosting reliability among its consumers.

But a website which is poorly designed or formatted and is not even appealing visually may not perform as expected.

Basic Understanding of colors for Web Designers

Color plays a vital role in marketing a brand. In fact, many consumers wish to connect with the diverse brands and take specific actions on the basis of colors portrayed by any trade.

Good color aesthetics will, therefore, stir really positive emotions in budding customers and would reinforce the brand message. On the contrary, poor choice of colors will fail to connect with the visitors. Neither does it boost the confidence of a customer nor does it take your business anywhere.

Therefore it is a brand’s color combination making or breaking a customer. It decides how customers would get attached to your brand and the message they will draw from it.

Therefore it is important that you choose the desired color combinations from where your business will convey the required message.

So, how does the color usage affect your ability to come up with some impressive website design?

Let’s have a look at some really common meanings related to basic colors. This is the color theory giving an idea of usage of colors in your website.

Orange: Optimistic & Young

Also famous as fiery color, orange is a combination of red with the bright complexion of yellow communicating energy, activity and positivity. When used in websites it helps create a mood. In fact, when it comes to branding and design, it often creates a creative, casual style and youthful vibe.

Green: Fresh & natural

Green represents nature, plant life, and growth. This also delivers freshness, health or a completely natural quality. Commonly known as the additive primary color, this color indicates the act of keep heading.

In website design and branding, this color is basically used to create awareness of the global trend of environmentalism. This color may integrate with many other supporting colors in order to display the symbolic arrangement of tints, tones, and complementary colors.

There are many designers who hold the viewpoint that a call to action button in green color fetches more attention and clicks. Therefore, it can be a factor to focus on the green color when you wish to attract visitors.

Red: The color of Power

The red color is iconic both in the logo and in its message. It may be simple yet it strong. When bright red used on a white background it stands out immediately. And visitors prioritize it on the website. Such a design may not have enough red in it, however, it catches the attention to important points on the page.

Yellow: Happy & Bright

Being the color of sunshine, yellow often talks of cheerfulness, freshness, and friendliness. It may also give some indication or warning at specific points.

When it comes to web designs, bright yellow attracts attention more like red but generally, it create more friendliness as well as fun feeling.

Blue: Calming & trustworthy

It is the intensity of blue color in the sea and sky that soothe our souls. Blue often speaks of clean and peaceful qualities. In fact, blue is more energetic and is seen as calming.

In designing and branding, blue is broadly used and is one of the versatile colors. This color is usually used to interact with trustworthiness, stability, and security.

Black: Modern & Bold

Just like red color, black also has a lot of meanings. This color represents luxury, sophistication, power, and uniqueness. This color, on the other hand, reflects death, mystery, and evil.

In web design essex and branding, black is used so widely that it is almost neutral. It may also communicate the meanings mentioned above. In fact, many designs are simply black and white, no matter those are chosen deliberately or whatever.

White: Clean & minimal

White represents innocence, goodness, and purity, but at the same time, this may across as sterile or stark. In designing, this color often reflects cleanliness or simplicity. Designers who seek minimum aesthetic will often use a lot of white.

Colors, therefore, convey these common associations or sometimes go in a totally different direction for an unexpected effect. Regardless of how you choose to apply color in a design project, one of the most important considerations is this that it supports the personality as well as the mood that you wish to communicate.

Since there are many factors to consider when working on the color scheme of the website, here are some of the most important elements that cannot be neglected.

How to Choose the Right Font for Your Design

The choice of right typeface is one of the biggest burdens when one works with some new project.

No doubt there is no end to the fonts available for creative to choose from, but when it is about picking the right typeface there are a lot many factors to bring into consideration.

  • Purpose of your Design
  • Readability & legibility
  • Maintain contrast
  • Avoid too much similar fonts

Colors Increase Brand Recognition

When I am looking around for some book in a book store, I would not scan the author names or the written material. The colors and the book cover designs would be the first thing that will attract. Color ads are 50% more frequently used than similar ads in black or white. Since colors speak of your brand, it is important that you use the right colors to come up with the best design for your website and the rest of the online properties.

Colors bring web design to life 

Think of a black and white website, would you prefer scrawling it if visited by chance? Of course not! Similarly, colors add life to any website. The choice of colors needs to match the brand and boost its meaning and story.

Therefore as a designer, it is important that you do not restrict yourself in choosing colors simply because an existing artwork or logo has different colors.

Don’t Make Your Website a Rainbow

Remember, using colors does not mean making a website look like a rainbow. The temptation with people looking out in web design is to use different colors. The most impacting websites are the ones that keep the use of color to its minimum. As a rule, it is recommended that your website should employ the use of around 2-3 colors at maximum. Your website often makes the biggest statement in its simplicity.

Final Words: 

Working with color can be really complex because there are many variables to take into consideration when designing websites. Having a solid color palette to work with this is also one of the first steps. The significance of color in web design is clear and it can really make difference to the user experience. This eventually helps in bringing the conversion rate higher.

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