Boost Your Web Designer Career with these 5 Top Notch Certification

Web Designer Career

You’d be the enthusiast who loves to create dynamic websites.  I mean Web design that encompasses all of the components of producing and maintaining websites that includes user interface design, user experience design, search engine optimization, and web graphic design. At the same time  want to get seated in a top MNC company with highest salary package?

Then obviously a certification is essential for validating your proficiency in a certain area or job field.

Note: Doing a web designer certification Courses is not a degree, rather a validation of your skill in a particular area.

In some instances, a certification can also help you stand out from your peers, and provide you with an employment advantage. In other instances, certifications can be overlooked by many Top employers.

Well, this article would be a preclude for you to boost web designer career with top certifications which could just be added flare to your resume.

Are you Ready to up your Web designer career with the top 5 certifications?

One of the reasons for doing certification exam will prove that you are more skilled and qualified to earn a certain salary amount.

Below are the top web designer certifications that are useful to an aspiring web design professional as they grow in the field.


Adobe is the software of choice for many web designers and developers, being a  valuable certification, you can actually obtain this to advance your career as an Adobe Certified Expert.

An Adobe Certified Expert is the one who proves their skills in Adobe software products by satisfying one or more product-precise proficiency exams required by Adobe.

Did  you know, along with the ACE certification, you will prove proficiency to the employer in a range of interactive and online content areas such as web design, rich Internet applications, video, technical communications, or eLearning.

The Adobe certification exams are cost-effective and are available at just $180 per certification. Moreover, Adobe offers various preparation courses that help you prepare for your exams. Given the high-demand for Adobe-savvy professionals, the Adobe Certified Expert certification makes  you a high-value commodity to any leading organization. 

2. W3 HTML5 Developer Certificate

The is  the internationally recognized credential that exhibits skills and ability in writing HTML5, XHTML, and CSS.

Did you know? Many number of aspiring web design professionals prefer the W3 HTML5 Developer Certificate as their first web design credential, because as this certification tests the fundamental knowledge that is essential to advance to more complex and specialized fields of web design.

The certification exam costs only $95 USD. Moreover, W3Schools website offers many free study materials that help you succeed. Additionally, W3 offers other useful web design certifications in CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery among others as well.


Did you know? PHP is a scripting  language that can help you create dynamic design, industry-level websites.

So, if you need this certificate to get high packages?  You are supposed to pass this difficult exam which compromises PHP, syntax, data types, input/output, programming techniques, security, and object-oriented programming language.

The certification exam costs just $195. 


As Microsoft offers a great avenue to fresher in software development with less than one year of work experience. Thus,  Acquiring this certification through exams will demonstrate the skills that you need to succeed in the software development profession.

There is no secret, that Microsoft certifications are some of the most respected and trusted in the software industry. There are two primary credential levels will that best suits for freshers and one-year experienced aspirants include The Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer(MCSD) which is the certifications for Windows Store Apps, web applications, SharePoint Applications, along with website application lifecycle management.

In order to obtain your MCSD certification you must pass a number of exams which are priced at $150 each.

The other one is the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification, which is a great option for freshers who wants to explore in the field of  website design and development. You can obtain certified in topics such as software development, mobile development, game development and Windows development.

This exam is an MCQ exam, in order to obtain this certification will cost you $115


Are you in the idea of developing and designing  applications on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform, highly consider getting the AWS Certified Developer Certification. As this certification will help you to get proficiency in developing and maintaining applications on the AWS platform.

However, to qualify for the exam, you must have at least one or more years of experience in designing and maintaining AWS-based applications, also you must be knowledgeable in any one of the  high-level programming language.this is a specialist certification which proves you’re proficient in designing and developing cloud-based solutions in AWS.

In order to obtain this certification will will cost you $150, and there is a practice exam available for an addition $20. Here you’re supposed to pass the MCQ which takes up nearly  80 minutes to complete. It

Final Thoughts

As there are many certifications offered on the internet but choosing the right certification that holds value for the future is difficult. On the whole, Web designing is a multifaceted, dynamic and evolving field that has a great demand for business development  and offers a promising job prospects across all sectors.

So stop thinking and join a web designing training course and does a certification that enhance your skills and scope in the domain.

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