Best Video Games to Make Your Winter Nights Fun

Best Video Games

Winter is the time when you can’t go and play outside. Everything is covered with snow. You have to just sit in your house, usually in front of a fireplace, and do something to keep yourself entertained.

But what options do you have? You can play video games with all the social distancing measures in place that is the only way you can stay connected with friends. The Old School Game Vault has a great list of retro horror games, that would make a dark winters night a little more creepy. Although you can also read books, but that is a topic for another time.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best video games that you can play during winters to explore the icy environment and enjoy the winter wonderlands’ scenic views without setting foot outside your house.

List of Video Games You Can Play In Winters

Here is the complete list of video games that you can play in winters from the comfort of your couch.


First on our list is Dota 2, a multiplayer game that you can play with friends and family members. DOTA 2 is an online game and comes with multiple levels and scenarios. You are playing against your friends in groups.

The game offers players both humans and wizards. Select one and play against the other. DOTA 2 has many winter maps available that will remind you of the extreme cold, harsh winters, and freezing environment. DOTA doesn’t offer great graphics mostly because it is an old video game, but it will keep you hooked for hours.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is another game series by the developers of DOTA. The only difference between World of Warcraft and DOTA is that World of Warcraft is a solo adventure game. In DOTA, you are playing against other players, but in WoW, you are playing a series of adventures. World of Warcraft involves adventures in the winter lands. So, when playing WoW, you will come across many winter levels with great scenery that will remind you of the season.

Best Video Games

Gotham City – Batman Arkham

Batman games usually give an icy cold vibe. We are adding Batman Arkham – Gotham City to our list because of the dark theme it bears. Unfortunately, it didn’t get the praise other Batman games have received so far.

However, Gotham is known for its boss fights, creepy environment, and winter season. Most of the plots revolve around Christmas, and the developers have done a good job of setting the dark, gothic theme with the modern architecture.

The DLC Titled ‘Cold Cold Heart’ adds an even frostier vibe to the whole scenario. The game is as dark and cold as it can get with the cryogenic weapons used by the antagonists.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is an open-world game for those who would like to explore around the map. Valhalla is a small town in the snowy mountain ridge. The game revolves around foreboding nemesis, powerful weapons, and the enchanted forests of Valhalla. The game was developed in the last two years and offers astounding graphics, stunning scenery, and scenic views of the frosty winters.

You get to climb mountains, sail the boats, jump off cliffs, and explore the region in all its glory. The game is set during the Viking’s adventure of Britain during the 9th century.

EDN III Lost Planet

If you have not heard of Lost Planet (EDN III), don’t worry. It is pretty much similar to Doom, Star Trek, and all other extra-terrestrial games that you have played before. There is even a chance of slight resemblance between these games. The game’s graphics show the gameplay during ice age but on another abandoned planet.

As a protagonist, you bear the classic weapons giving a feel of a monster hunter in a futuristic world. This new planet is in the middle of snowstorms, uncertain weather conditions, and alien lifeforms. As survivors, you will have to explore the area, collect food, and create living quarters amid the blizzard. The game is fun, thrilling, and exciting, all at the same time.


Skyrim is one of the most played online strategy games available. Almost every gamer is familiar with the game’s name, even those who didn’t want to be a part of the Skyrim gamer community.

It is a fully open-world game offering multiple possibilities. The game is distributed into multiple maps, all levelled against each other, making it one of the lengthiest game available online.

It has many locations not even explored, waiting for someone to find its treasures, and to look at the barren territories and see what lies on the other side. The game also carries many hidden paths, unfamiliar paths, and surprising gifts for its gamers.

God of War

Last but not the least, we have God of War (2018). The GoW is one of the most popular titles available in the market. The year 2018, marks the launch of a reboot of GoW, from then onwards, it has become the most downloaded game online mainly because of the open-world environment and the character of Kratos.

Kratos, the protagonist of the game, is the son of God that’s sent to earth. Kratos has a son of his own that he has to save while finishing his quests. All this is coupled with outrageous scenery, and you have a great winter adventure game. Most of the game levels are built on a Winter environment, and you will get a glimpse of chilling winters and frosty colds.

Kratos is a game about a God of War from Heaven that wants to take revenge on those who are unjust with the poor.

Bonus: Santalicious

We have been talking about all A-rated console games for a while. It is time to add an online game to the list that is completely free, accessible to anyone, and available on the go. The Santalicious game is an object matching game that you can play against a computer. It is available on Unlimited Gamez Mo, a subscription-based gaming website. The game is highly addictive for those who want to pass their times when bored.

Best Video Games

To get started playing it, simply create your account on the Unlimited Gamez Mo website and play the game. You can play it on both desktop and smartphone devices.

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Which game is best for avid video game players during the winters? That’s a tough choice to make. With so many suggestions available on the list, it only makes sense for one to try all of the games one by one and then settle for one that serves their gaming appetite the best. All games we listed are available on Stream. You can also buy them solo and play them on your gaming gear.

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