Best Tips for Submitting an Online Job Application


It’s the 21st Century, and businesses are phasing out the paper application process in favor of ATS. ATS or Applicant Tracking Systems allow large corporations to track and screen applicants for a vacancy. Many large entities like AT&T Services have workforces that number in the thousands. To help recruiters and to automate the hiring process, corporations resort to online applications instead of tedious paperwork. But in this changing process of applying and hiring, how do you submit an acceptable job application? This blog can give you some pointers.

Tips to Submit Online Job Applications

Each company has its own hiring process. This means the questions and fields on your job application may differ from employer to employer. That’s not to mention there are often hundreds of applicants for one vacancy. So how does one maximize one’s job applications? These simple tips can help you do just that:

  1. Job Description – Read and Understand
  2. Cover Letter – Be Original
  3. Customize Resume – Tailor to Each Job
  4. Responses – Error Free
  5. Fields – Don’t Leave any Out
  6. Social Media – Updated
  7. Review – Make the Right Impression

Let’s take a closer look at each tip and how it can help you create the right job application.

Job Description – Read and Understand

If there’s one thing that annoys recruiters, its applicants who aren’t qualified for the vacancy. You don’t want to annoy the recruiter, so take the time to thoroughly read the job description. Understand what the company expects from applicants for the job. The devil is in the details, as they say, so make sure to check out all available information. ATS systems screen applicants on how well their responses match the job descriptions. To make sure your résumé shows up as a match, make sure your content and responses meet the specific JDs.

Cover Letter – Be Original

Whenever you can, include a cover letter with your online job application. In most cases, recruiters look at cover letters before the actual résumé itself. A mistake many applicants make is creating a generic cover letter with vague corporate terms. If you want that job, this is a big no-no. Your cover letter should be specific to your experience and accomplishments. It should describe the skills you possess and how you intend to use them on the job. Your cover letter is a unique opportunity to showcase yourself as a prospective employee. Make the best of it and create an original one.

Customize Resume – Tailor to Each Job

Another common mistake many applicants make is sending the same résumé to all employers. Don’t rush the process. Take your time and look over your résumé. Look for specific keywords in the job descriptions and tailor your résumé accordingly. Customize it to each job, and indicate you can meet the requirements based on your specific skills and experience.

Responses – Error Free

In the old days, poorly composed résumés ended up in either the trash or a file cabinet. But ATS keeps a record of your application to an employer. This means an error-filled résumé will keep on hurting your chances of employment with that employer in the future. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Good. Remember to always check and recheck your responses before you submit them. It wouldn’t hurt to use an online tool to check your spellings, grammar, and content as well.

Fields – Don’t Leave any Out

Make it a point to fill out every field in a job application wherever possible. This has two advantages. First, you’re giving your employer more information that could help you get hired. Second, you demonstrate your interest and desire for the job in question. Incomplete applications are a very good way to make recruiters lose interest in you. So fill out all the fields and make sure you pass through the filtering process.

Social Media – Updated

Most online job applications invite you to link your social media profiles along with the usual information. It’s a good idea to keep your social profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ updated. This allows employers access to what is called a social résumé. Your profile, interests, and employment status are a huge factor that recruiters consider during the hiring process.

Review – Make the Right Impression

Before you finally submit your application, take the time to review the content you added thoroughly.  The submit button cannot be undone. Once you hit it, all your information enters the recruiters’ records. Remember, your job application makes up a huge part of the first impression you present. So be sure you submit the right information. You should be even more careful when using a smartphone to fill out your application. You don’t want autofill to enter the AT&T phone number instead of yours. Even more importantly, you don’t want to send incorrect information to your prospective employer. So invest the time in triple checking your résumé and responses.

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