Best Interior Design Ideas of 2019

Interior Design Ideas

Renovating and decorating your home can sometimes become stressful and frustrating. It can be difficult to decide what theme to go with and what elements should you add to your home décor to give it sophisticated yet voguish look. You can take inspiration from a free catalog like ltd commodities, Ballard Designs, Lakeside Collections, etc. We also recommend you to go through the list of Interior Design Ideas that have garnered popularity in 2019.

1. Green is In

Natural hues of green are in trend this year. Natural elements like money plants and succulents beautify and bring serenity to your homes. They can be used to fill up the seeming empty places like broad doorways or lobbies.  If you still want to skip natural elements, you can use accessories like banana leaf print pillow covers or even wallpapers with large banana leaf patterns to intensify the effect and if you need more space for your plants, consider loft conversion in Clapham.

2. Mesmerizing Wallpapers

Blank walls are now part of history. Mesmerizing wallpapers have returned to the world of interior design. Wallpapers are the best option to add a twist and break the monotony of dull living spaces. Wallpapers with bold patterns and designs have already replaced artwork and photo frames along with other wall décor options.  The most trending wallpaper designs this year are landscape scenery, geometric patterns, and abstract shapes.

3. Darker Kitchens

After mid-eighties, modern kitchens, countertops, and kitchen cabinets came in more subtle white shades. But commencement of 2019 has brought darker and richer shades back into style. Interior designers suggest you inculcate natural hues in the kitchen with elements like wood tone cabinets. You can also go bold and color your kitchen in shades like dark blue or bottle green. These kitchens are easy to maintain compared to white ones as they conceal blemishes and cover up the flaws that result from regular use.

4. Breakfast Nooks

Quick meals were served on counter tops, which also doubled as a practical place for cooking meals until 2018. According to new trends, kitchen floor space is being used for both, preparing meals and dining.  Dining furniture has replaced island counters and countertops and fused kitchen and dining rooms together. This has helped to save considerable space and also made serving and preparing meals a lot easier.

5. Earthy Shades

Previous year combining of grey and beige shade was a major trend which was known as greige that dominated interior designing. In the year 2019, grey is still prominent shade in color palette but is combined with more soft pastels or earthy hues. Nature-inspired color tones like soft browns and greens have made their way back into living space. Apart from these, taupe and purple colors have also become a favorite choice of many. However, shades like purple may be difficult to incorporate in interiors since they tend to dominate the place.

6. Curved Furniture

Traditional boxy and lofty sofa sets and couches are long gone. Curved furniture with smooth edges has instead taken place of age-old boxy and clean-edged silhouettes when we talk about furniture and upholstery. Soft, puffy and plush settee and gracefully curved coffee-tables bring elements of comfort as well as style to your place.

7. Bringing In Nature

This year interiors designers have taken up eco-friendly approach. Hence, warm and natural elements are teamed up with luxurious earthen components. Materials that come from nature or resemble nature are utilized to address this need. Nature brings with it a youthful and lively vibe to our otherwise dull and boring living space. Materials such as natural wood, granite, pebbles, and marble or the ones that are similar and complement the beauty of natural elements can be used in decorating your home. Furniture and home décor that is recycled and environment-friendly are also encouraged. Utilizing leftover materials such as granites and energy-saving lighting and appliances have paved their way in the world of modern interior designs.


With these latest interior designing ideas like the use of natural elements, curved furniture that sports smoother edges, bold and mesmerizing wallpapers, dark manageable kitchens that inculcate dining areas and earthly hues that emit warm vibes will definitely aid you in achieving an elegant, contemporary and modern look for your home.

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