Top 3 Best Free Google Fax Apps

Best Free Google Fax Apps

Do you want to send faxes from your iPhone and Android phones? It is possible with the help of online fax services. You can combine a trustworthy service with Google products and send your faxes without a dedicated phone line and a fax machine. Google will help you to manage fax communications.

Typically, you can’t use the internet to send faxes because faxes need analog signals of a phone line. For this reason, you will need a fax service and Google products. Remember, Google doesn’t offer a specific fax service. You can use third party fax services to complete your job.   

The market is flooded with fax services; therefore, it can be difficult for you to pick a perfect service. Here are the top 3 best free Google fax apps to download and send faxes.

1. CocoFax

If you need the best Google fax free app, CocoFax can be an ideal choice. This online fax service is user-friendly and cost-effective. You can choose it for your high-volume faxing and growing business. It allows you to send and receive faxes from anywhere.

When using CocoFax, there is no need to worry about phone and fax maintenance charges. You can get the advantage of secure, safe, and encrypted faxing. TechRadar, CNET, Android Authority, and several other platforms recognize the quality and security of CocoFax.

You will get apps for Android phones and the iPhone. If you want to send faxes via Windows, you can use your web browser. You can also use CocoFax to send fax from your Mac computer. Download their app and sign up for your free trial for 30 days. CocoFax enables you to choose a fax number of your choice.

To use your free fax number permanently, you have to upgrade your free plan. Different plans are available to facilitate your needs. After downloading an app, you can turn your smartphone into a virtual faxing machine. Follow these requirements to send and receive faxes through your phone:

  • A smartphone (Blackberry, iOS, Android, Windows, etc.).
  • CocoFax account, along with a fax number (you will get a number from CocoFax).
  • A web browser, such as Safari, Opera, or Google Chrome, to send and receive faxes.

If you want to use your email account, download an app on your smartphone and send a fax through your email service. Almost everyone can meet these requirements to send faxes without a fax machine.

For business professionals, it will be convenient to send faxes through Gmail. Along with CocoFax’s free fax number, you will get permanent storage and delivery reports for your faxes. If you are using CocoFax to manage faxes, everything will be quick.

Remember, a fax machine may take more time to process a document. CocoFax will save your time by sending faxes in a few seconds.

2. RingCentral

RingCentral is another great fax service to send and receive faxes without a fax machine. It is suitable for different purposes. Customers can choose from different pricing plans. With its simple user-interface, it is excellent for people without a tech-savvy background.

Download its Android app on your phone to send and receive multiple faxes. You can start with a 30-day trial period. Feel free to send out from 500 faxes to unlimited faxes per month. It offers numerous useful features, such as integration with Google Drive and Dropbox.

There is a drawback to using RingCentral. You should pay a surcharge for international faxing. Based on the country, additional charges may vary between 5 cents and $1 per fax. For this reason, this service can be expensive in the long run.

3. MetroFax

MetroFax can be a competent service to handle your outgoing and incoming fax needs. It offers a trial period of 30 days and requires you to pay almost $8/month for 500 faxes. Its android app is good for managing your faxes.

You can access files stored in Google Drive or Dropbox. Its user interface is simple and clean. Feel free to choose between sending and viewing faxes. For android phones, it can be the right choice. It will not allow you to modify a cover letter.

It is good to handle the needs of both small and large businesses. If you need a trustworthy faxing app for your android mobile, feel free to try this app.

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