Benefits of PPC 2022

PPC Advertising

Pay per click marketing is known to produce powerful results for the companies that are willing to invest. That investment is not just with their money, but also their time and attention.

The digital marketing and advertising landscape is always changing. PPC is especially known to also be shifting. It makes this strategy difficult to utilize sometimes because the learning process is on-going.

Similar to strategies like SEO, there’s always new developments that are changing the best practices. Successful marketers know the importance of keeping their eye on the future and knowing what sort of changes are about to influence their strategies.

This discussion will explore some of the emerging and popular trends in PPC that will carry through 2022 and how they will benefit marketers.

1. Automation & Machine Learning

Some trends go as quickly as they come. They are just a brief blip on the radar of marketers. Others, however, are transformative forces that change the marketing landscape permanently. Automation and machine learning fit into the latter category.

It’s hard to find a single industry that isn’t experiencing shifts caused by AI and machine learning. Automation is here to stay. In the past couple of years, we’ve seen a number of automated tools and AI-powered features appearing on Google Ads and other PPC platforms.

Smart Bidding and Smart Display Campaigns by Google Ads have already made huge impacts on the PPC game. As we move forward, these AI tools are going to be help PPC become more accessible, especially for newcomers. They are also going to help marketers use their time more efficiently.

For example: I am appearing on my website for best gadgets & for best smartwatches as well we are getting good ROI on both.

2. Search Results Are More Efficient

It used to be standard that every search would return 10 top results on the first page. Now, that number is actually dwindling. Featured Snippets and other enhancements to search results have allowed search engines to display fewer results, but at a higher quality. Search users no longer need 10 results to find a relevant answer to their query.

This means that SEO strategies that produce top organic results are going to explode in importance. It also means that organic search marketing is also going to be more competitive than before. The need for superb content that is written for search engines is more present than ever.

Fewer organic results has a major impact on PPC. As the competition for these organic ranks increases, paid results stay the same. For businesses that just cannot seem to capture those top organic result spots, pay per click advertising is going to be an obvious and valuable alternative.

3. More Advertising Platforms

More and more businesses are realizing the importance of paid search advertising. Not only are there more businesses leverage PPC marketing, but many companies are increasing how much they invest.

With all of this added competition in the paid search world, it’s becoming imperative that PPC marketers don’t rely on a single ad platform. Google Ads certainly offers the best features and the largest network, but almost every PPC marketer utilizes the platform, which means competition is hefty.

Other platforms, like Amazon Advertising or Microsoft Advertising, offer different search audiences and far less competition. Adopting a multi-platform PPC strategy will become increasingly beneficial to marketers.

It’s not just about avoiding tough competition, but also optimizing your sales funnel. Some PPC platforms, like Amazon, are more selling-focused, while Facebook advertising is perhaps best for generating brand awareness.

4. Voice Search Takes Off

Virtual personal assistants and smart home devices have become more and more popular each year. One of the most common applications of these products is voice search. 2022 is predicted to be the tipping point of voice searches where they start becoming the go-to method.

Voice search has a lot of impacts on PPC. First, it is changing how people structure their searches. Bare in mind, how we type a search is often much different than how we would actually say it. We type with shorthands and abbreviations, but we talk in complete sentences. Thus, marketers need to accommodate more long-phrase keywords in their strategies.

The second impact, and also the benefit of voice searches for PPC, is that users may be interacting with your ad content without realizing it. If one of these smart assistants uses the content of your ad to answer a user’s question, they don’t see the organic or other ad results on the page.

For marketers that are able to adapt their ad content effectively to voice search, this could be a huge opportunity.

5. Sophisticated Audience Segmentation

Successful search marketing, no matter if you’re using organic or paid strategies, often hinges on your ability to connect the right audiences to relevant and valuable information. To do this, you need a deep understanding of your target audiences. It’s not about attracting a single type of person, but realizing that many different segments exist within your larger audience. How you segment that audience and connect them with content and products is key.

With the maturation of machine learning capabilities and our ability to process more data in a shorter amount of time, it has become easier to dig deep into your audience segments and really understand your customers.

PPC in particular is known for having tons of targeting options available. It can be a little overwhelming. Is it best to focus simply on demographics and locations? Or, can we get down to the interests, behaviors and beliefs of our customers? With better data processing and deeper audience segmentation, it’s easier than ever to truly understand your audience and how to target them.

6. Remarketing

PPC continues to be remarkable at remarketing. It’s common for customers to browse your products and services without buying. They may be conducting initial product research, or just not ready to make a purchase yet.

Once someone leaves your site, the challenge has always been how do you keep your product or brand on that customer’s mind. PPC is extremely effective at remarketing to people that have viewed your products. We’ve all experienced this when we browse a product on Amazon or another site and then we consistently see advertisements for that item. Not only does this keep that product on our minds, but it also encourages us to make a purchase.

Remarketing is not a new benefit of PPC, but you could argue that it is more important than ever. As PPC and search marketing becomes more competitive, creating remarketing campaigns helps you capture customers that have already demonstrated interest.


These trends and benefits are already occurring and influencing the PPC marketplace. In 2022, they will continue to flourish and shape the search advertising world. By discussing these trends, it is easier to capture this potency and use it to improve your strategies going forward.

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