7 Attitude Makes Your Effective Communication Failure

Effective Communication Failure

Why is Effective Communication so Important in Business?

“Communication is your ticket to success, if you pay attention and learn to do it effectively.”– Theo Gold
Effective Communication is most important for creating compelling brand messaging. Effective Communication shows the quality of leadership. There are four basic skills that make the Communication effective i.e., listening, reading, writing, and talking. Usually, business professionals refer to these four skills collectively as effective Communication for their day to day business meetings. It creates a positive image among the crowd.
Most of the time, Communication also depends on the type of audience you are interacting with. So for making your Communication most effective get some ideas about your audience, their perception, goal, and opportunity.

7 Common Mistake That Should Be Avoid in Communication

1. Using the One-Size-Fits-All Communication Approach:-

Communication is all about the perception, that is the processing, interpreting, selecting, and organizing of information. Its varies person to person accordingly.
Every person has a different view and perception. How someone perceives your message will depend on many factors such as knowledge, culture, past experiences, personality, communication style, preferences, emotional intelligence, mindset, and many more.
It is the fact that no one else thinks and perceives precisely like you. That why, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work any-more.

2. Speaking More rather than Listening:-

Speaking and listening in a balanced way is the foundation of effective Communication. However, most people tend to fall into the trap of treating conversation like a competitive sport, in which the person who speaks the most is the winner. But in reality, the person who speaks least benefits most and the person who speaks the most benefits least.
To make the Communication more productive and fruitful conversation, there has to be the skill of speaking in proper comparison of listening Skill also.

3. Assuming more Instead of Asking Questions:-

Making quick assumptions instead of asking more questions is a huge communication mistake in business. If you need clarification to get a better understanding – ask for it. People are usually more than happy to clarify that. If someone asked questions during the conversation. At that time, the speaker will see you’re making an effort to listen fully.
On the other side, don’t assume that everyone correctly understood the message you were trying to deliver. You need always to take the time to follow up and confirm comprehension to make the Communication successful.

4. Using Negative Tone during the conversation:-

It is a fact that all form of Communication consists of the communication tone. It’s reflected in the way you phrase your message and the words you choose to use.
In the workplace, avoid negative tone when you are communicating with your superiors, co-workers, or your customers. When to use a positive tone in your Communication it helps to prevent conflicts and improve engagement.
Always use proper tone to make the conversation more impactful.

5. Avoiding to face Difficult Conversations:-

Avoiding difficult conversation is creating your image like you are an inactively participate in the discussion. It is a fact that, nobody likes to have tough conversations that could lead to conflict, and it might be tempting to try to avoid them. But taking a tough conversation as an opportunity, it leads to do more business in a better way or to be a more effective manager/ leader.
You can face the tough conversation with Practice of managing your emotions and being patient during the cross-questioning of conversation.

6. Reacting to the conversation instead of Responding:-

Another Communication Mistakes you must avoid to reacting more rather than responding to the situation during the conversation.
Reacting, instead of responding, is a massive mistake in business communication, especially when dealing with angry and disappointed persons like co-workers, top management, or customers.
A reaction doesn’t take into consideration long-term effects. On the other hand, responding is more thoughtful in conversation.

7. Being Conservative:-

Being conservative during a conversation makes your Communication incomplete. And your discussion will not reach to the successful end.
Usually, Closed-minded people spend more time in talking rather than listening, and they try to ignore other viewpoints and beliefs. They just want to jump on conclusions quickly. This type of people are not willing to consider new ideas and opinions.
On the contrary, the people having an open mind, they easily accept people from diverse backgrounds, and respect their differences, understand others better. This type of person goes to the correct conclusion after great discussion.

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