Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Moving?

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So, you are getting ready for your next move and have been busy buying boxes, packing tape, bubble wraps, and other packing supplies? You might not be getting the most out of your moving. You have just started it all wrong. Moving does not have to be so much of a hassle, as any good full-service moving company should cover all these things.

Here is what you should be getting from the full service moving company:

Supplying the packing materials & packing your belongings

There are so many small and big items in every home. Some are delicate, while others are not so. Only professionals who do it regularly know how to pack various items. Packing it yourself is not just a demanding task. It is the wrong way to do things.

The professional full-service moving company has a lot of experience. They know about what to expect, how to pack each thing safely, and what is needed to pack those items.

Thus, full service moving company would provide all the packing materials, and not only that, but they would also pack your belongings. Moreover, some of the belongings are almost impossible to pack without professional help.

Furniture disassembly

As we said that some things are almost impossible to pack by yourself. It is especially true for large items and furniture. Before packing, most furniture must be safely disassembled without causing any damage to it. Unless you have personally assembled all your furniture, it is not something you can do by yourself.

Let the moving company do the heavy tasks

Here, by the heavy task, we mean loading and unloading. Full-service moving companies may seem a bit more expensive than the usual transport company, but that is far from true. If you use a transport company, you may end up spending more.

So, let your moving company handle the heavy things. Let them load and unload for you. They have the right kind of people and equipment for the purpose. But, there is no way you can do it safely and in the right way. Therefore, breaking your back along with some precious items while loading and unloading might not be the right choice.

Unpacking and disposing of packing material

Moving to a new place has two stages. Most people just focus on the first stage, which is moving out. However, they forget that the second half of the task starts when you reach the new place.

Again, you will have to unpack the things and assemble the furniture. This may look simple, but it is a highly demanding task. Unfortunately, most people realize it too late. People often have to live in a new place without essential items as they never have enough energy and time to unpack the things.

And, of course, you have to dispose of that heap of boxes once the things are unpacked. Packing material must be safely disposed of or recycled. Full-service moving companies like Safebound Moving & Storage know how to do these things in the right way.

You might need storage services

Many people planning to move may realize this problem at a very late phase. Some may not even think about it. However, the new place will never be an exact match to the old site. If the new home is more spacious, that is well and good. However, what if it has less space?

You might have some items you would like to retain or sell at a later date or may need them later. So, what about storing them temporarily. Well, a full-service moving company will have you covered; they can also provide storage services.

Get a complete quote beforehand

Of course, there would always be some surprises. No company can provide you with a perfect quote. Nevertheless, it is good to get a quote beforehand for all the basic and additional services offered by the moving company. This will prevent last-minute unpleasant surprises or conflicts between the parties.

To conclude, moving to a new place does not have to be a hassle. Full moving companies can handle most things from packing supplies to furniture disassembly and reassembly. So, at the end of the day, choosing a full-service moving company is not essentially going to cost you more.

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