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Insta Stories Viewer is a free service that allows users to view Instagram stories anonymously from open accounts without asking for permission from them on the Instagram social network. The platform’s functionality is free, enables you to watch stories anonymously, and does not require any additional steps other than the user’s nickname displayed.

What is an Instagram story viewer?

Instagram Story Viewer is a feature on the popular social media platform Instagram that lets users share photos and videos that their followers can see for a whole day. The component was presented in 2016, and from that point forward, it has become one of the most well-known ways for individuals to share their day-to-day encounters and collaborate with their devotees.

Your Instagram followers can view your post story by tapping your profile picture at the top of their feed. After they view your Story, it disappears for 24 hours and cannot be considered again.

The Instagram viewer is an instrument that permits clients to see who has seen their accounts. The viewer displays a list of people who have visited your Story, along with their username and profile picture. Additionally, the viewer displays the number of times each person has viewed your Story.

Businesses and influencers who wish to monitor their platform engagement can benefit from this feature. They can see who is interested in their content and modify their strategy accordingly. Likewise valuable for people need to see who is aware of their every day updates and communicate with their adherents.

How to use Instagram story viewer?

The Instagram Story Viewer feature lets you see the stories other Instagram users post. Open the Instagram app and click the “Stories” icon at the top of your screen to use this feature. From that point, you can see the Narratives of individuals you follow and the Accounts of different clients who have their profiles set to public.

  1. Swipe right or left: To move between various Stories in the watcher, swipe left or right on your screen.
  2. Stop a Story: You can pause by pressing and holding your finger on the screen to examine a specific image or video in greater detail.
  3. Describe a Story: By pressing the “Send Message” button at the bottom of the screen, you can respond to a Story. This will open up a talk window where you can make an impression on the individual who posted the Story.
  4. Tell a Story: By tapping the “Share” button at the bottom of the screen, you can share a Story with your following; you can send it to specific users or post it to your own.
  5. Page to Explore: You can likewise find new satisfied on Instagram through the Investigate page. Tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen to get to the Explore page. Based on your previous app use, Instagram will show you a selection of content it thinks you might be interested in.
  6. Apply filters: You can use various Instagram filters to enhance your stories. To get to these channels, swipe left or right on the screen while snapping a picture or video for your Story.
  7. Add sound: When creating a Story, you can add music by selecting the “Music” option. You can choose from the songs in Instagram’s library or import your music from your device.
  8. Employ Stickers: Stickers can also be used to personalize your Stories. Instagram gives different stickers you can utilize, including area and emoticon stickers; from there, the sky is the limit.

Which is the best anonymous Instagram story viewer app?

Stories Ig

Storiesig is another great anonymous instagram viewer app that puts simplicity ahead of a cluttered user interface. A text box prompts you to paste the username of any account you wish to access immediately. You feed it the username; The online tool processes it, granting you access to all public content on that account in complete anonymity.

It’s spotless and straightforward to look at. Stories ig tool allows you to download and view Instagram photos, videos, and other content besides viewing stories. Aside from the above merits, you can likewise share the tales you catch from here across different online entertainment stages.

Features of stories ig

  • nothing needs to be installed.
  • Free and easy to utilize.
  • Instagram supports viewing highlights so that you can do so as well.
  • The capacity to download Instagram highlights and stories.
  • Instagram account browsing without identification.
  • UI for beginners.
  • Social media content sharing.


Instagram likewise gives experiences to business accounts, which show measurements like impressions, reach, and commission rates, providing a more profound comprehension of the Story’s presentation. Account managers can use these metrics to evaluate their stories’ success and adjust their marketing plans to raise brand awareness or promote their goods and services.

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