Compare: Android application development or iPhone app development

ios vs android

Mobile app development has become one of the major for gaining revenue and expanding the customers reach. All the companies are investing in app development and making various decisions regarding the applications. It is a known fact that there are more users of Android phones than phone in the market. These apps are businesses prefer Android app development over any iPhone as it promises excess reach than the iPhone and promotes businesses to more users. These help to reach users at a global platform and bring revenue to the business.

There are various factors significant to the popularity of Android. Some are here as follows:

  • Demographics: One of the major factor playing roles in the popularity of Android applications. Android is at the top position on the global platform. Most of the users of android come from developing countries and low-income countries. IOS users are mostly young in age and the apps on the platform are expensive than the android application. The businesses should analyze the targeted audience for their business.
  • Development speed: The speed for the development of applications is a very crucial factor in app development. It is due to the Android fragmentation factor. Building an Android application is a challenging process for developers. Android fragmentation consists of various factors such as operability of app and compatibility with various devices. Android applications have to be compatible with devices with the difference in resolutions and performance. There are also many active versions.
  • Release cycles: The release of Android applications is a difficult task compared to IOS. There are many aspects like career and OEM’s that lock down the apps which makes the release slower and also to adopt the latest version of operating software is moderate as compared to the IOS. There is more adoption rate of IOS which make is apps stop supporting the older devices and versions. While the android users are slow to update the new version and even 10 % of users upgrade to the new version it will reach more audience than IOS.
  • Development cost:The development cost of applications for IOS are economic and involves less development cost. It is an important point in deciding the platform for the apps.  The android has more audience and mostly the sales are made by the application on play store.
  • Numbers and engagement: The business has to devices the two common points. Decide whether it wants increased number of users with insignificant engagement or fewer numbers of users with more engagement. The Android users are mostly with low income and have more practical spending habits than IOS users who engage more in the purchase.


To conclude which platform is better, the business has to take into consideration all the above-mentioned points and consider. The target audience and monetary features. If one wants to increase the number of customers, Android is preferred. If the business requires more engaging customers and less development cost then IOS is a winner. The business needs to navigate and understand all the concepts before the app development process and enter the market for growth and increasing the revenue by reaching more and more customers.

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