All you need to know about statement earrings

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Statement earrings can make or break an outfit. You might already know how to buy statement earrings but do you know how to pair them with clothes you own?

Fret not, for this guide will help you understand every way you can wear your statement earrings.

#1. Pair your earrings with a black outfit

All black outfits look amazing with a dash of colour or a little bit of sparkle. Let your earrings be the light in your outfit. You can go with simple gold earrings or wear diamond or ruby earrings.

#2. Put your hair up

Statement earrings look amazing with a great up-do. A bad hair day and statement earrings are not the best combo so make sure your hair looks lush and gorgeous.

#3. Wear only one statement earring

Want to be a daring fashionista? Try wearing one statement earring in one ear and keep the other one bare. That’s enough for starting a conversation.

#4. Become familiar with the different statement earrings out there:

Gold statement earrings

If you’re looking for gold earrings for girls, always go for gold statement earrings.

Silver Statement Earrings

Gold is the most popular choice but silver is a close second. And for the high street, silver is also more durable. You can buy more statement earrings in silver than in gold and pair them with various outfits.

Black Statement Earrings

Statement earrings in black and navy have become the norm now. Tasseled styles are trending and look very chic when paired with a red lip.

Rose gold statement earrings

While gold and silver are the most popular choices, rose gold has become very popular especially after the Rose Gold iPhone. It is also less expensive than any other type of gold making it a great buy. Rose gold lends a very feminine and vintage feel to the whole look.

Pearl Statement Earrings

Pearls are having quite a field day recently. Pearl statement earrings are a must-have in your jewellery box. Set in any metal – platinum, gold or palladium, pearl earrings are an absolute game changer. They can instantly make you look sophisticated.

There you go! That’s a glimpse into how statement rings work and how to pair them with your favourite outfits, what works for your skin tone and all the different types of metals and gemstones that you should absolutely include in your repertoire. You can go full chunky or have a minimalistic approach to statement rings. Whatever catches your fancy, make sure you clean and store them properly to elongate their lifetime.

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