Advantages and types of modular kitchens

modular kitchens

Homeowners are confused whether they should get an ordinary kitchen constructed or they should install a modular kitchen. To drive such confusions away, here a few advantages of modular kitchens that you should keep in mind while purchasing a modern kitchen:

  • Extremely easy to install: modular kitchens are very easy to install. They do not take much time, and your kitchen will be constructed in just a day! They come ready to be installed right out of the box.
  • Easy repair and easy replacements: Modern modular kitchens can be repaired quite easily. The best thing about these types of kitchens is that they one part or one unit of the kitchen if becomes damaged, it does not affect the other units in the kitchen. Plus you can find replacements for damaged easily without much problem.
  • Can be disassembled: traditional kitchens cannot be disassembled once they are constructed. You cannot take the entire kitchen to your new home, but modern kitchens can be dismantled and taken to wherever you want. Wherever you go, the kitchen goes with you. So in the long run, you are actually saving by not having to construct a new kitchen again and again when you change residences.
  • Limitless customisation opportunities: modern kitchens allow you to customise your kitchen according to your taste and preference. You can select the colour, the layout, the design, literally everything to suit your needs.
  • Drives up your home’s aesthetic value: modern kitchens look great after installation. Since they come in various designs and finishes, you can get any look you want. If you want a more traditional look, you can get that, and if you want a more modern look, you can also get that!
  • Installation does not need the help of professionals: these kitchens can be installed right out-of-the-box. When you order a modern kitchen, you get the whole kitchen delivered in the package. You need to fit the parts one by one and boom, you have constructed your kitchen! This is a lot more convenient than carpenter coming in and going out while they are building your kitchen.
  • Divided into three working zones: since the kitchen features three working zones, it makes the task of cooking meals easy while allowing ample space for you to move around the kitchen.
  • They can be fitted into small apartments: whether you are living in a small apartment or a studio, modern kitchens can be fitted right in the limited space. Modern kitchens have been designed to fit in any kind of apartment and feature storage system that can further save space shelves, doors hooks, magnetic boards, wire trays etc.

Modern kitchens and their types

Modern kitchens have different layouts and depending on the size of your apartment and the kitchen space; you can choose a modern kitchen layout.

Island kitchens: the most popular layout of a modern kitchen. Everyone wants an island in their kitchen, but these kitchens are best suited for larger homes. The kitchen is often said to be a combination of L-shaped and straight layout kitchens. These types of kitchens feature one island right in the middle of it, which is not connected to the units or the other working zones in the kitchen. Island adds an n extra countertop and storage space. Also, it can be used to serve breakfast or as a working station to complete your homework.

Straight layout kitchens: straight layout kitchens are mostly seen in studio apartments; this is because they do not take up a lot of space. The main task of preparing meals is achieved in this kitchen without the work triangle. All the working zones are placed in a horizontal line. Although these types of kitchens are perfect for studio apartments, they can also be installed in large flats.

L-shaped kitchens: L-shaped kitchens are very popular among homeowners who have small apartments. The shape of the kitchen allows ample space for steady and free workflow. The kitchen makes use of the corners and also provides space for placing a small dining table. These types of kitchens make use of the work triangle.

Gallery or parallel kitchens: these kitchens also provide ample space for free workflow and are deemed to be smaller than u-shaped kitchens. These kitchens feature two countertops that run parallel to each other, thus creating a valley in between or passage in between. Interior designers tend to divide the kitchen into the dry and wet areas.

U-shaped kitchens: u-shaped kitchens are best suited to large houses as they require a lot of space to be installed. They offer the most countertops and feature the best work triangle. Two people can easily work in the kitchen without bumping into cabinets or each other. Storage space should not be a problem either in u-shaped kitchens, either.

If you are unsure, contact a professional to measure your apartment and recommend a modern kitchen layout.

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