A Little Known CSS Facts

CSS Facts

As you have been writing css for several years day by day you are getting new things that you have never used previously.

Each and every well trained front-end developer feature-tests before using any features which a browser may not have. This feature testing has always done with scripting, and most of the people use Modernizr, an impressive utility packed with loads of well-tested routines, to do that feature testing.

CSS makes us the ability for creating transitions and animations but sometimes we need JavaScript libraries to give us a hand in modifying a few things and controlling the animated things.

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Here are some CSS Facts:

  • Not only text, you can add color property to other elements also like body, anchor.
  • Set “collapse” as a visibility Property i.e. same as hidden except table rows.
  • Few more values are in background Shorthand Property.
    background: [background-image] [background-color] [background-repeat]
    [background-position] / [ background-size] [background-attachment] [background-clip] [background-origin];
  • Only on Absolutely Positioned Elements clip Property Works.
  • Vertical Percentages are not relative to container height.
  • text-decoration property is just a shorthand.
  • border-width property accepts keyword values i.e. medium, thin, and thick.
  • Have you heard about border-image? All modern browsers except IE10 and below supports this.
  • the empty-cells Property tells the browser whether to show or hide table cells which have no content.
  • font-style: oblique; represents slanted text, but not a true italic.
  • word-wrap is as same as overflow-wrap.

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