A Guide to Picking Your Right Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

Choosing the right dress for your big day can be a very daunting process. There are so many wedding dresses options available out there, which can be very overwhelming for the new brides. So here we are to help you out in choosing the right outfit for your wedding day. Hopefully, this will make your search for a wedding dress easier & more fun.

  1. Choose the dress with the right neckline: This is the first and foremost important detail to consider while selecting a wedding dress. The dress neckline assists you in deciding what accessories would go with the dress. Some necklines scream for statement necklaces, while others ask for a set of pearls or no accessories at all. Especially when your outfit has an embellished or lace sleeves, keep in mind that the neckline of your wedding dress decides on what bra you need to wear. So the moment you finalize your dress, underwear should be next on your list. The various necklines are sweetheart, straight, Bardot, Jewel, Scoop, V-neck, High-neck, Halter, Square, Sabrina, Collared, Illusion, Cowl, Grecian, Cold Shoulder, Asymmetric & Haltered Strap. Click here for beaded necklaces.
  2. Bridal Train: Nothing makes a bridal dress more appealing than a sweeping train. There are different lengths of the train available for pretty brides. To make sure that you ask for the right type of train, here are a few train lengths that we’ve picked for you.
  3. Sweep/Brush: This train sweeps about 6 inches on the floor.
  4. Chapel: This train is between 12 to 18 inches long.
  5. Cathedral: A cathedral extends to up to 22 or more inches on the floor.
  6. Monarch: This is the longest of all the trains.

And don’t forget to add a wrist loop, or a bustle, so that you can dance in your gown later on. You can also go for a shorter dress for the evening party, whichever suits you the best.

  1. Picking the perfect Dress Silhouettes: There are various dress silhouettes options for different body types with different waistlines.
  2. Empire Waist: The waistline in an empire gown is right below the bust area. This type of waistline is perfect. If you’re petite and want to create an illusion of a long body type, then you should go for this.
  3. A-line: It has a fitted bodice and a gently flared out skirt that compliments all body shapes & sizes.
  4. Mermaid/Trumpet: This type of gown features a corseted bodice with a fishtail-shaped skirt starting right below or above the knee. Mermaids/Trumpets hug your curves just at the right places.
  5. BallGown: This is going to make you look like a princess! This kind of gown has a fitted bodice and a voluminous skirt.
  6. Sheath/Column: The column has a very narrow cut which emphasizes all your curves. 

These are the few most important details to keep in mind while shopping for that one dress for your big day. Choose an outfit that effortlessly brings out the best in you. Smile & Shine, it’s your day. Visit Avery Austin for more gorgeous styles for every type of wedding.

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