A Comprehensive Guide for launching the Instacart Clone Application

Instacart Clone Application

Hi there, we all witness technological improvement in many ways. Technology is the bone of our lives, rendering sophistication to our lifestyles and moving on to the actual topic, who doesn’t love getting things done at the pace of their comfort zones? Almost everybody would. Right now, people are showing more hype about online shopping. Be it any type of need; online shopping is the best when compared to offline shopping. Business giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, etc., are leading the online shopping industry. When it comes to the online shopping industry, Instacart is sweeping its way to the top. If you look at their business model, one thing is obvious- quality items delivered on time. This business model has allured users and has made them use the app again and again.

You may be a budding business person quite confused about choosing the right business venture. If so, then developing an online grocery store is the blue ribbon for your business. This blog will be about the innovative Instacart clone app development.

Let us kick start with the working of the Online Grocery Application.

Step 1– The initial step will include the registration process. Once the user completes the registration, he/she can log in to the app.

Step 2– The user will enter his/her location, and the app displays a list of grocery stores nearby the user’s location.

Step 3– Next, the user will scroll through the grocery stores list and select a store.

Step 4– From the grocery list, the user will select the desired items and add them to the cart.

Step 5– Next comes the payment phase. If the user opts out of online payment, then he/she can use the available payment methods and proceed to checkout. Else, if the user wishes for COD, then he/she can select the COD option and proceed to checkout.

Step 6– The delivery person will receive the user’s request, drive to the grocery store, collect the order, and dispatch it to the user.

Step 7– The user will rate the feedback based on the overall performance of the app.

That’s it with the app’s working model, and next, you will learn about the exciting features vested in this app.

The User app:

Social media login– The user can log in to the app only after completing the registration procedure. If the user wants to skip the registration, he/she can use the social media login credentials. A simple process under a minute, right? Yes.

Zip Code entry– Once the user is done with the login procedure, the app will prompt the user to enter the zip code to which the orders will be delivered.

Browse stores– The user will select the preferred grocery store from the list of available grocery stores.

Here are the Core Features of the App like Instacart:

Search bar– The app shows the available grocery items of the selected store. As a shortcut to search the items, the user can enter the preferred items’ names and select them instantly.

Payment options– Next, the user will select the items, add them to the cart. To proceed with the checkout, the user has to choose the payment option. The app has many options like debit card, credit card, PayPal, Stripe, COD, etc.

Ratings and reviews– The user can share feedback regarding the app by writing a review or simply rating the app.

Push notifications– Every time, the user doesn’t have to open the app to get any app-related information. Instead, the user can instantly know all the app-related info via push notifications. Information like offers, app updates, etc., can be sent via push notifications.

The Driver app:

Login– The driver should log in to the app to take up the delivery service. The driver has to provide the required details along with a driving license and ID proofs.

Availability toggle– If the driver is available to take up the delivery request, he/she can adjust the toggle to mark the availability. Else, the driver can mark it as unavailable.

Route optimizer– The route optimizer shows the shortest route to reach the user’s location.

Delivery planner– The driver is presented with a delivery planner with the list of orders carried out/ to be carried out. The planner shows the exact status of the order like pending, delivered, etc.

Earnings– The driver can view the amount earned from taking the delivery services in the earning section.

The Admin app:

Admin dashboard: The admin is the sole authority to validate profiles to support the user/driver. All these activities can be carried out from the same dashboard.

Analytics: The analytics will help the admin to track all the activities that happen inside the app.

Review management: The admin can view the reviews/ratings given by the user, analyze, and optimize them.

Chat support: The admin can take up the user’s queries and resolve them via the app’s support section.

All the above list of features are mandatorily included in the app. Apart from this, you can still add some more paid features to make your app more engaging. They are,

VOIP calls: The VOIP is an internet-based call that can be placed by the user from the app itself. This feature will help the user contact the driver without sharing the personal contact number.

Gift card options: Providing gift cards will increase the user’s engagement. With the gift cards, the user can gift his/her friends with points that can be claimed on any purchase from the app.

Multiple languages: Eliminate the language barrier by integrating various languages into the app to allow global users to access your app.

What are the Modes of Revenue that can be obtained from this App?

Service charges: You can impose service charges on selected services. For example, you can include speedy delivery and charge the user who opts for this service an extra amount.

Commission charges: You can get commission charges for every service that happens on the app from the grocery store owner.


This blog’s content is highly analyzed and will add value to your business if you’re considering launching the Instacart clone script. Launch this app by partnering with an expert service provider and foresee the benefits.

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