A Complete Guide to Copywriting


Copywriting is a budding space in what is now being called a gig economy, and it has a plethora of employment opportunities in the UK. Firstly, let’s get to comprehend this term as to what it means.

Copywriting is the art of writing a copy (i.e. content) that is used for sales, marketing, and advertising in companies. This content is persuasively aimed at convincing the customers during the promotional events.

Whether it is your brand’s billboards, newspaper advertisements, blog posts, digital marketing campaigns, magazine ads, television commercials, all are curated by the copywriters.

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Now that you know what copywriting is let’s get to know why it is vital for an organization?

It is used to convert more leads into customers and thus increase sales for a company. Sales are the only way through which a company earns money, and thus a copywriting is one of the aspects of utmost importance.

We are in a digital era that is dominated by memes, videos, podcasts, etc. But still copywriting is still relevant even today for getting a higher conversion rate, getting better customer engagement on social media. It also helps in understanding what the customers want from you and how you can pitch the value proposition to them.

Also, copywriting is necessary for podcast descriptions, video content, press release, outreach emails, meta descriptions, video scripts, etc.

Now the next question is, how do you write great copies which are customer-centered?

There are many ways to do it, but the premise should be that your copy should be as if the customer is talking. To write such a copy, you can start by reading threads on Reddit in search of your potential customers and see how they are talking.

You can explore Amazon or another famous e-commerce portal to read customer reviews before drafting a killer copy. Customer surveys and customer interviews are other ways to help you in writing a customer-focused copy.

Let’s see what are some of the strategies, which one can adopt to write an excellent copy?

Always remember why you are writing that copy; it is for customers to read till the last with no loss of enthusiasm in between. Thus, the structure of your copy should be proper with synchronization between paragraphs, and it should flow like a story. It should be engaging with a catchy headline that prompts the reader to start reading it, start by catching their attention and build on that experience.

  • Many experienced copywriters across the world use the strategy known as “AIDA” which is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Start by grabbing the attention of the reader using a great title and first sentence.
  • The next stage is to increase their interest by making a bold promise. What follows next is the desire stage wherein you communicate how your products or services will enhance the reader’s life and solve all his problems. Now that your proposition sells the reader, it’s finally the time to make him take action using a call-to-action link.  
  • Another important thing you should be careful about while drafting a copy is that you should specify the benefits of using that product/service. Features of the product and product description are okay, but it is the benefits that make the difference. Customers want to know what change this product will bring to their life. Thus, emphasize the benefits part above everything. Also, a clearly defined call-to-action page should be there, which guides the visitor on what to do next.
  • Your USP is everything in a copy which means lucidly pen down that why you are the best among other players in this industry. A Unique selling proposition should precisely answer the question of why should the customer buy from you and not others. Also, creating a sense of urgency works in your favor these days, your posts should have a message flashing saying “Limited period offer, offer ends soon, only 2 products left, etc.”

The headline of any copy is the first thing a reader sees and also the first hook that engages him. There is an age-old saying that 80% of the people read the headline and the remaining 20% read the copy.

The headline is of supreme importance in a nutshell. As a copywriter, you should be crisp and specific with the headline and use more numbers and a specific timeframe. A headline having numbers receive 327% more clicks than the one having questions, according to a study by Moz.

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  1. Copywriting is truly one of the most in-demand jobs right now! Being a copywriter myself, I agree with each and everything stated in the blog.

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