A career in cybersecurity: Scope, investment, and learning

cybersecurity career

The booming field of cyber security is grabbing everyone’s attention. If you are interested in information security as a subject, then this article will help you understand its job related aspects and provide you with useful information so that you can make a better decision.

Employment Opportunities

The cybersecurity industry is expanding at a remarkable rate. It is booming with opportunities and rewards. The need for cyber security professionals is universal and widespread and is outgrowing the supply. If you pursue this field for a career, the employment opportunities you will get are unlike any other IT field in the world. The modern world is based on digital technology and is spreading its cyber wings with every passing year. Our future society will be highly digital, connected and innovated. Technologies that will be basic and an everyday thing in the future are not even conceptualised, let alone invented yet. In terms of job security, no IT career can beat cyber security. As humans steer automation and innovation in every industry, and machines learn to do the work of humans, we will inevitably find ourselves needing more security professionals to make these machines secure for use. Currently, some industries that require cyber security professionals are healthcare, banking and finance, aviation, nuclear energy, industrial control systems, defence and military, space exploration, government agencies, communications, medical science, robotics, information technology, media, education, manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, hospitality.

Investment in cyber security

The investment required in acquiring cyber security education is worth every penny and second. Cyber security courses are not that expensive and pay for themselves within a very short time of the career. Due to heavy innovation in online education, today, anyone can learn ethical hacking online and start off their career in the industry. The training hours are not that long either. With 40 hours of training for many cyber security courses by EC Council, one can really push the boundaries of learning and make great progress in a very short time. The returns garnered on a cyber security career are extremely rewarding and will put any other profession to shame if compared.

Learning methods

If you want to study cyber security, you can use the internet to teach yourself about the concepts and enrol for a cybersecurity course like CEH training at any reputed institution. The training will usually end with an exam to test your skills and grant you an official certification in your discipline. You can then start working professionally and grow your knowledge and skills further from there. One thing that people need to consider before stepping into this career is that they will have to constantly stay updated about what’s happening in the industry and stay on top of any latest cyber threats (which frankly, are more frequent than you can imagine). If you stop learning as a cyber security professional, then you will soon lose your value and become obsolete for your clients.

Pay scale

Cyber security professionals earn quite a lot of money in almost any job role that they undertake. The packages that these experts net are one of the highest in the entire IT sector. In fact, the entry-level salaries of information security professionals exceed the mid-level salaries of many other professions. The lucrative pay packages are one of the reasons why students and professionals are drawn to this field. On average, information security professionals make around $90,000 to $200,000 in diverse job roles. The demand for a certain skill decides the growth of its pay scale. Rest assured, those who step into this career will only find a financially promising future waiting for them.

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