7 Ways to Create a Cozy Interior

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When it comes to our homes, we want to feel comfortable and safe. Much of this comes from what we have in our homes; the people, the furniture, and the decor.

If your goal is to create an interior that just soothes the soul when you walk through the door, this article is perfect for you.

We’ll share seven of the best ways that you can create the coziest of homes!

1. Use an Inviting Color Scheme

We all have our favorite colors but did you know that color has been proven to affect our mood?

Color can be so powerful, in fact, that marketers and therapists study how to harness this power to their benefit. Color psychology is also a hot topic in the world of design.

Luckily, you don’t need to be a scientist to know which colors make you feel warm and cozy. Colors are categorized in either warm or cool tones. To create a cozy home, you’ll want to choose warm tones.

Learn more about the different warm colors you can add to your home here.

2. Add a Luxurious Rug

Bare floors feel cold and uninviting. Cozy things up in your home by spreading a nice, thick rug to soothe your feet.

There is not a room in the house that won’t benefit from the use of a rug. Even the bathroom can feel warmer by spreading a rug or plush bath mat between you and the hard tile floor.

Even if you have carpet floors, layering this with a rug can only increase your coziness levels in the home.

Need rug inspiration? Check out the selection of rugs.

3. Bring the Outdoors In

A home full of lush greenery and beautiful flowers does much to make a home feel inviting. Plants soften the atmosphere and even filter the air to be more breathable.

Even the plant pots themselves can help to brighten up a room. Warm metals such as copper and brass or terra cotta clay pots are great choices for durable pots.

On the other hand, woven baskets stay true to the organic style if your home would benefit more from that.

Of course, you need to know how to care for your plants because there is nothing cozy about a bunch of dead plants. Learn how to keep your houseplants healthy here.

4. Set the Mood With Lighting

Just as the lighting of a play sets the mood for the scene, your home should have the right lighting to provide a warm, soothing glow.

There needs to be a perfect balance of light in the home, not too harsh but not too dim. Instead of one big overhead light that is too bright, instead, create a cluster of dimmer lights to illuminate your rooms.

Choose lightbulbs that emit a warmer tone. A yellow glow feels cozier than a light that has a blue color.

String lights are a popular choice for ambient lighting and don’t forget the power of the soft glow of candlelight to create a cozy room.

5.  Hang Something Homey

Empty walls resemble the inside of a government office or hospital. That’s not what one would want for their home.

To add interest to your walls, the best thing to do is to hang your personally curated choices of artwork and the occasional mirror.

Art will always liven up a room. As long as the artwork isn’t overly bold, it will add a special cozy touch.

Mirrors shouldn’t be too big or plain. The more ornate and unique the mirror, the more it will reflect personality and style.

6. Focus on Plush

One of the easiest ways to make a room more comfortable is with a nice plush couch that invites you to sit down and stay awhile.

Add some fluffy pillows and a soft throw blanket and you have the recipe for a snuggle fest.

When choosing your chairs, couches, and accessories to match, always choose comfort over style.

7. Dress Up Your Windows

Window fit blinds are handy when you want to block out the light but they do nothing to add warmth to a room. Even if you want to keep your blinds, soften them up by hanging curtains.

Heavier curtains will have a more luxurious feel while sheer curtains can provide a softer atmosphere.

Whatever you do, don’t leave your windows bare!


Following these tips can help transform your house from a cold, industrial building to a warm cozy home.

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