7 Things Nobody Tells You About Outdoor Trips

Outdoor Trips

Going on tools and connecting with nature is one of the healthiest pastimes that you can have. Today with the world moving forward at designing speeds and the stress of work and finances burning you at every instance it has become more important than ever before to travel outdoors and leave all your worries behind. An outdoor trip with friends and family (or even solo) can give you the respite from the mundane things of life, but there are hidden traps that nobody tells you about. In this article we will touch upon 7 of those things that you need to take care of on your outdoor trips.

Safety Should Always Be A Top Priority

Personal safety and the safety of your motorcycle is primary because without that you cannot obviously complete your trips and you will also get into a lot of trouble that you do not want when you are touring for pleasure.  Always make sure to wear a branded motorcycle helmet that comes with the latest safety features such as an impact-resistant hard-shell ABS construction and quick release mechanism straps along with a good air ventilation system that keeps you cool even in hot riding conditions. Keep your motorcycle locked and insight whenever you are stopping for meals or to sleep at night.  Ride with your eyes open and stay aware of your environment and do not take anything for granted. In fact, the smartest way to stay safe on the road is to assume that everybody else is an idiot who is going to make a mistake and put you into trouble. That way you take extra precautions to keep yourself safe.

Money Is Your Best Friend

When you are in a strange place with strangers around, you cannot depend on their goodwill or expect anybody to help you unless you have something to give in return. That is why money is your primary bargaining chip and you need to take care of your money from being stolen or from being wasted on unnecessary things. Make sure to put your money away in separate places so that even if one place gets robbed you still have some funds to get out of trouble. Start saving money for your upcoming road trips well in advance and have at least 30% extra as emergency funds that you should not touch unless it is extremely important. If you do not need it then you can use the money for or a future trip later. Try to save as much money as you can on fuel expenses by riding economically and book budget hotel value in advance or even consider camping on open grounds which will save you a lot of money on accommodations.

Your Research Will Save You Time & Money

Always do an extensive research of the destination we were heading out to, and learn everything that you can about the roads that you have to cover in order to reach your destination. Lack of research usually results in a penalty of more expenses and wastage of time because you have to make changes in your itinerary and find a solution to the mistake you just made. Depend on travel accounts of other people which you can easily find on reddit and other online forums focused on motorcycle touring and traveling. If you are a part of a motorcycle riding group make sure to talk to as many people as possible and find out new things or lesser known things about the destination so that you don’t fall into a trap someone else has fallen into before.

Don’t Depend On Just One Source

Common perception among tourists is not to speak with local people fearing misinformation or being trapped into an uncomfortable situation. However, if you stay on your guard and use your smarts then you can leverage the knowledge of local people to find out more about your destination and create great memories for life. However, always be sure to ask the same question to more than two people so that the third opinion serves as a tiebreaker if the two before happen to be tied. When seeking information from local people do not make the mistake of asking generalized questions, rather you should ask very specific questions such as: ‘what is the best spot to see the sunrise here?’ Instead of asking ‘what are the popular tourist destinations in this place?’

Know Your Limits And Always Have An Exit Strategy

Do not put yourself in a position where you can’t get out of a tricky situation. There are good and bad people everywhere but when you are travelling to an unknown destination with no one you know about it becomes even more important to stay on your guard and always have an exit strategy to avoid a trap. Know your limits as a rider (and also of your machine) and make safe decisions that do not push your limits where you have to be at the mercy of someone else for help. If you are riding solo always have somebody in the loop and keep that person updated about your progress and current position so that if you ever happen to be in trouble that person will know your last location and locate you to provide assistance if necessary.

It’s Important To Disconnect, But Not Completely!

Disconnecting from the world is different from staying in contact with people. When you are on a road trip you do not necessarily have to talk to people back in your office every single day but it is useful to be in the loop and know what’s happening back home. Also, when you are riding solo family members are usually concerned about your wellness, which is why you need to find some time to keep them updated as well. Always carry a dual SIM mobile phone and have at least two different SIM cards from reliable mobile phone networks in your position so that if one does not connect the other gives you an alternative. Speaking of connectivity you might not get a good electrical connection at the hotel where are you end up staying the night, so whenever you get the opportunity recharge your power banks and have at least two of those in your motorcycle luggage box so that you never run out of power because you might need your mobile phone for its GPS application as well.

Treasure Your Memories, But Be In The Moment Too

Mirrorless cameras, action cameras and even smartphone cameras have become so advanced and affordable these days that everybody wants to have a piece of the scenery captured for eternity. That is a good thing and we are completely in support of capturing as many images and videos of a destination as possible to serve as a reminder of a good time! But having said that it is also important to be in the moment because nothing compensates for the lost opportunity to be one with nature and feel the freedom of all obligations vanishing away.

Summary: an outdoor trip with friends and family (or even solo) can give you the respite from the mundane things of life, but there are hidden traps that nobody tells you about.  In this article we will touch upon 7 of those things that you need to take care of on your outdoor trips.

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