7 Mistakes Instagram Marketers Must Avoid


Focusing on improving your brand on Instagram is vital. But you may end up making mistakes or blunders unwillingly. This will cause you to miss the mark with your content. Plus, when Instagram mistakes happen, they happen in public. Therefore, you need to know how to avoid most of these mistakes. No one is immune to making them, whether you are a small or large brand. So, to build your business or personal brand, learn some of the mistakes you should avoid as you market on Instagram. 

Using poor quality images 

Instagram is a visual platform. Thus, if you have to post something, you should ensure it is interesting or beautiful. Do not just post anything for Instagram likes or views, because it grosses people out. Use neutral backgrounds or natural light while shooting if you do not have a top-notch camera or have access to professional photo skills. It is better to post no photo than post a bad one. But, you have no excuse to post a sloppy photo with much graphic design and photo editing tools available today online. 

Posting boring content

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Posting boring content is a big crime on Instagram. As you build your brand, give the users something to engage in, and poor or spam content is not the way to go. Therefore, post something fun, intriguing, or informative. Give the users value. So they can like, comment, and share your posts. Plus, this is a way to build a deeper relationship with your brand. Also, when your posts are of high – quality, people get a reason to start following you. 

Inconsistent visuals 

Every post you make on Instagram is a way to add another page to your brands overall story. Thus, when you look at your brands Instagram profile page, your grid should make sense and have one message as a whole, not inconsistency. The visual images you use should feature a similar color palette and bring out a solid visual representation of the brand. Avoid having some product shots, corporate headshots, all in different styles. If you work as a team, ensure that your team understands the visual mission. Also, you can review the work before you post as a team to be on the same page before posting.

Having no strategic plan


For you to direct traffic to your website, make more sales on your Instagram shop, buy Instagram views and grow your followers. All these require you to have a strategic plan that you follow. It’s hard to achieve growth if you do not know what and how to get it. So pick a goal and create a strategic plan to achieve this goal. In this way, you have something to guide every decision, and you can see your progress. Many people feel there is no need for the plan, but it helps show you the way to where you want to be. 

Ignoring the data

Checking the analytics shows you the metrics to identify the growth and trends. For instance, if you are trying to raise the engagement rate, monitoring your stats will help you know where to improve. For you will see the gap or issue. But if you are ignoring your analytics, you will not know what is happening, where you are not doing well, and this is a mistake that hinders your growth on Instagram for your brand.

Not spell checking 


On the internet, typos are a part of life. Even professionals make mistakes sometimes. But some spelling errors all the time on your Instagram posts make them look careless. Thus, as part of your social posting process, have a quick proofread before posting. If you work as a team, get a second set of eyes to look at your post to ensure the spelling and grammar are correct. 

Not engaging with followers 

Social media is a conversation and not just a broadcast. Therefore, not engaging with the followers or the users is a waste of time on this platform. Every time a user asks a question or comments, use the chance to build a rapport and get a positive experience. So get chatty, and you will see the benefits and your brand improving and growing. 

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