6 tips to renovate your restaurant with led lights

led lights

In all spaces, lighting is one of the most crucial interior design elements, and its importance cannot be overstated. It holds power to create a friendly and productive environment while also improving the space’s aesthetic value. 

Apart from being able to set the mood and theme for a place, it also has the potential to affect people’s perception of that space.

Over time, the purpose of lighting has shifted. From once being considered just a basic necessity to now being regarded as a tool capable of enhancing the functionality of a space and highlighting the design elements, lighting has come a long way.

LED lights are the most ‘in’ thing right now. What makes them unique is their versatility, energy efficiency, and inexpensiveness. LED lights are now gaining popularity in both private and public spaces.

Most importantly, they are the perfect idea for your restaurant renovation. LED lights can transform your space and, if used wisely, can also increase your business. But choosing the right kind of lights and using them to create the maximum impact is a difficult task in itself.

To make things easier, this article has brought to you 6 tips that can be used to get the highest possible utility off these lights –

1. Get creative – Think out of the box. Customers are often fascinated by seeing unexpected things in a restaurant. Instead of placing LED lights in a linear fashion, try experimenting with other props. Try reusing old stuff that other people have discarded.

Creativity is an infinite resource. There are myriads of ways in which lighting can be used unconventionally.

The internet is flooded with ideas on how to use LED lighting differently; take inspiration from there and see what suits your restaurant better. Accordingly, customize your lighting to create the best look.

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2. Use them to match the vibe of your restaurant – The best thing about LED lights is that they come in so many shades. You don’t have to buy 10 different color lights; you can have all 10 colors or more in just 1 set. Use this versatility to your advantage.

Adjust the color of the lights to make it go with the mood of your restaurant. If it has a soothing or relaxing theme, use brighter shades of light like silver or pink. In the same way, if your restaurant has a dark theme, try using darker shades of blue or purple.

3. Keep up with the trends –  Just like any other sector, the lighting sector is also governed by trends of the time. Maybe a certain kind of light is in the trend for bar areas; not considering the trends and changing accordingly can negatively affect your restaurant’s popularity.

To stay informed of the trends is essential to establish credibility and worth and to demonstrate that you understand where your industry is headed.

4. Use the right kind of lighting – LED lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed to serve a specific function. Getting multifunctional LED lights from China can suit your restaurant. As an owner, you should keep in mind to use the right kind of lights everywhere.

For example, the purpose of accent lights is to highlight architectural details. In contrast, chandelier lights give a phenomenal feeling to the place. Similarly, ambient lighting is the primary source of lighting in an area. To make the best use of all lights, consult with an interior designer.

5. Lighting for different times of day – One way to adjust lights is based on the central mood of your restaurant. The other is to do that according to what time of the day it is. Customer’s moods are affected by the light they are exposed to.

When people are starting their day and would like to be joyful, you can use bright lighting for breakfast. Lighting should be moderate at lunchtime. Dinners, on the other hand, should have the brightness reduced to create a more relaxed mood.

6. Customer comfort comes first – Make sure the lighting you’re using isn’t too bright or too dim. No one wants to go to a place where the light hurts their eyes. A basic degree of comfort should always be maintained, regardless of how odd or creative a restaurant’s design is.

Customers must be able to view and read the menu at all times. They must also be able to locate the facilities and interact with each other without any inconveniences. Design should always be accompanied by functionality.


Renovations are often done with an aim to switch the theme and mood of the concerned place. LED lights are the most-suited way to achieve that. They are capable of transforming the entirety of a space.

In restaurants, especially, the kind of lighting used can affect the customer’s perception of the place. It can accordingly increase or reduce the business.

This, coupled with the power of light to induce illusions of space and increase functionality, makes lighting a vital element for any restaurant business. But as easy as lights may sound, it can be a complicated piece of work to use them properly. From what lights to use to how to ensure customer comfort, the above given 6 tips have tried to sum up what may work best for a restaurant. So, try following them the next time you think of giving your restaurant a new look using LED lights.

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