5 Ways to Check if a Company Is Genuine

Company Is Genuine

Scams are a disgraceful element of the world in which we live. Although it is now easy to make purchases with a single mouse click, there is also an increased risk that illegal businesses will be able to exploit your personal information. A company may seem legitimate, but it may turn out to be a scam.

One of the easiest ways to know if a company is a legitimate one or not is to search the contact details on the company website. Company information India states that it is mandatory to check the company’s offline information such as the company’s telephone number and address.

Check Company’s Official Website

There’s no legit company out there that doesn’t have its official website. If you can find the official website of the business after searching the site, then it is essential to look closely at all the Terms and Conditions and find out if there are any loopholes or any clauses that seem suspicious. Very often, people do not like hearing so many terms and conditions, and later end up in a mess. It is best to be familiar with all of the clauses to avoid any legal problems later on. Company information India also states that one should closely monitor the Disclaimer, About Us, Contact Us, or Privacy Policy section of a company.

Know About Local Chamber of Commerce:

There are many out there companies that have fake telephone numbers and addresses. Just because on the company’s website, there is a telephone number and address don’t believe it’s legitimate. To check the details, all you have to do is contact the local chamber of commerce associated with the company to make sure the company exists. Besides this, you can also get information about the company from the government-run websites of the Authority.

For India, the website is Ministry of Corporate Affairs

For Australia- ABN Search

For the United Kingdom-Company House

For the United States / Canada – Better Business Bureau

Check Company’s Credit Report

A Credit Report of a Company is a detailed record of the credit history of a client. Going through the credit report of any company will provide information on the financial performance of the company, contact details, credit score, management structure, years of service as well as the legal judgments brought against the company in the past. Though, there is a difference between a Company Credit Report and Company’s Credit Ratings, where a Credit Report comes from information given directly from banks and credit ratings come from credit rating agencies after careful review of company records and data. Company information India also states that as this information comes directly from the banks, you can rest assured that it is true and accurate.

Visit the Company

One of the most accurate ways to know whether or not a company is legitimate is simply by visiting the address given on the website. If, after a lot of searching, you can’t find the company then, of course, the company isn’t a legitimate one, but if you find it, you should go in and have a look around. Visiting the site gives one the unique opportunity to interact with the management as well as the company’s staff, without personally visiting the address it is challenging to assess what the company is like or how the culture of work is. Most companies have all the certificates and awards for all to see on the show. Besides, these companies also distribute handouts and even brochures for potential customers and individuals seeking employment to move through.

Check the Payment Mode

This is one of the most important factors when deciding whether or not a company is a red flag. It is essential to check, as an investor or as an individual seeking employment, if there are safe payment methods available. Here are a few names to keep an eye on–Paypal, Authorize. Net, Google Checkout. Always know that and which is also stated by company information India that a legitimate company will always offer and accept the secure payment method risky payment methods is the sign indicating the wrong-doing in the company.

These are some of the simple ways to find out if a company is legal or not. There are countless innocent and trusting people who were taken for a ride as well as robbed for their money. If you take the time to ensure the company is licensed and legal, then in the future, this might save you a lot of trouble. These above listed five ways can help you save from any future trouble as hard-earned money should never be wasted by coming in trapped by any unauthorized or fake company.

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