5 Must have Tools For Remote Work

Remote Work Tool

Whether you’re an employee or a freelancer, you will need tools to be able to turn your computer into a working space. Finding a way to gather ideas, connect with those you’re supporting, and deliver a finished product effectively will all make your remote job easier.

1) Get the Training Necessary

There are many remote tasks that can be done from home once you have the skills. Finding a course that will allow you to train up and Search Remotely for work will take some effort. Online classes require a different focus and a quality instructor can make all the difference.

2) Share Ideas Freely

Collaborative work can be hard in an office, but it can be almost impossible online as you try to depict exactly what you’re thinking before you can make it visible. If you are on a creative sharing team, consider using a vision board and creative brief templates to share ideas and create a space to bounce them around.

3) Use the Best Meeting Software

If you’re meeting with clients or with other team members, take a good look at your background. Is it a plain wall, a bookcase, or a mess? Insert a custom background as allowed by the software, or consider hanging a tapestry or scarf to brighten the space. If you have books behind you, make sure they’re work appropriate and add some interesting objects as well. If you wear makeup, add a bit of powder to keep your skin from looking too shiny, and if you don’t, try to get a balanced light on your face to avoid looking lopsided. Finally, check your lighting to make sure you don’t appear shadowed or silhouetted.

4) Privacy

If you’re struggling to find space for your work, consider putting up a screen in your living area. For those with roommates, make sure that everyone knows that when you’re behind the screen, you’re working. Try to post when you’ll be in meetings, and ask that everyone use headphones to keep noise levels down. Of course, make sure that everyone has this option so you and everyone in the space can get their work done in peace.

5) A Timer

If you’re working on your own and have projects to submit that don’t require a meeting, use a timer to make the best use of your time. It’s very easy to think that you don’t have to finish something, but you can easily fall into the trap of never getting it done because there’s no urgency. To keep yourself on track as a reliable remote worker, set a timer when you start to help you focus and have a plan of attack for your day. For example, you could work for two hours, then take an exercise break. When you sit down to start that two hour working session, decide what your exercise process will include. Know your next step.

If anything good will come out of the pandemic, it’s that remote work will become a permanent part of life. If you love to travel and want to immerse yourself in a new culture, building a remote career is an ideal option.

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