5 Best IOS Word Puzzle Games For Adults

IOS Word Puzzle Games

Solving crosswords can be quite fascinating. For most people, it is a great way to pass the time when traveling or disperse boredom. Even when waiting to see a doctor, it is a fun activity to help keep your mind off things. Just pick a magazine or newspaper and turn to the crossword page; you won’t notice how fast time flies.

While solving crosswords can be an exciting thing, it can also turn frustrating if you don’t know the answers. The crossword answers 911 website is a great place to find help if you struggle with answers. You will get helpful tips to help you master solving crossword puzzles.

With practice and consistency, you can become an avid crossword solver and even compete with top world record holders. But you don’t need a newspaper anymore to practice your skills. If you have an iPhone, there are great puzzle games you can download and practice anywhere.

1. Alphabear

Alphabear came out in 2015, and it has seen an update with the release of Alphabear 2. This is such a refreshing word game with cute squishy bears. In the world of Alphabear, your word strategy meets these loveable animals. The game consists of constructing words around bears.

As an Alphabear, your goal is to spell words on the puzzle grid. Bears will appear on the grid as you use adjacent letters. The bear grows depending on the number of letters you use, earning you more points at the end of each round. While Alphabear sounds simple, you have to be creative to get more points. But the game isn’t just about filling the puzzle grid; it also has a touch of wit, charm, and humor since each bear pops up with dialogue.

There are many bears to collect, and as you collect more points, you can decorate your bears with clothes and accessories. Alphabear provides you with a graphically compelling story that can keep you entertained for hours.

2. Typeshift

If you love Anagram, you will love Typeshift. It has the basic structure of searching for words and filling crosswords, but with additional concise and trendy anagrams. Typeshift comes with over 100 free puzzles with the free version, but you can purchase additional packs.

Typeshift is unlike most anagram games. In a typical anagram game, you search for a new combination using a single word. Typeshift, however, gives you three to five words to search with. Though echoing a classic newspaper crossword, Typeshift cleverly imagines the crossword and adapts it to modern mobile play.

When playing Typeshift, your goal is to rearrange columns of letters to form words in the center by moving the letters up or down. It is quite challenging yet beautiful to play. The letters are jumbled up, and you will drag them around until you create a word. Once you find a word, the tile changes color, and you get a meaty affirmative click. Of course, once you use every tile, you move to the next level to encounter an even more formidable challenge. 

3. Lettergraf

If you are going for something to tickle your brain, download Lettergraf and give it a try. This puzzle game will prove challenging and enjoyable. Though it provides a unique and distinctive experience, Lettergraf is a simple game that combines various classic word games. The game starts by presenting you with individual letters and blocks of letters. You can move the blocks around and combine them with a letter. By tapping on the block, you can rotate it until you create the word you wish.

Lettergraf requires you to think outside the box if you want to succeed. Nonetheless, it is a fun word puzzle game with a big twist. The game has a simple layout with beautiful background music that keeps you entertained as you enjoy the game. Its mechanics are also easy to understand; so, even a beginner can easily play. Like with most games, you must find the solution intended by the developer. Even if your answer seems right, but it’s not the intended one, you will remain stuck.

4. SpellTower

Spelltower is for puzzle solvers with verbal acumen. If you are a Tetris fan, this is the perfect game for you, a sharp improvement of a true classic word game. But unlike Tetris, it comes with a vast vocabulary.

The game commences with a row of letters with a crisp presentation. More letters accrue with every word you form, but this elegant block-busting gameplay still maintains the classic word puzzle. The goal is to rush and form as many words as possible before the tower touches the top of the screen.

Every time you form a word, the titles clear out, but if the tiles touch the top of the screen, it’s game out. Points get awarded based on the complexity of the words. The game first launched in 2011, but it has been remastered and improved with a new release in 2010. The latest version gives the player different game modes, each with a different level of difficulty. If you simply want to unwind, choose the Zen mode, but the other modes are challenging and exciting. 

5. Words with Friends 2

Scrabble is one popular game, but not on smartphones. In the world of smartphones, Words with Friends rules. It has the same foundation as scrabble and begins with a set of seven random tiles from which you should build words on the board. The multiple-player functionality makes it even more fun because you can play with friends. But you can still play solo challenges with fictional characters in the latest version.

Words with Friends 2 comes with additional functions and game modes to add to some much-needed variety. For example, it has Lightning Rounds, which allows you to spell out words with your tiles.


Solving puzzles is an ideal way to pass the time or even have fun. But if you want to become a master at solving crosswords, you need to determine the field and the subject keenly. You will also need reference books, dictionaries, and even encyclopedias. It sounds like a task, but such a preparation level will make your work more manageable if you are a beginner. One trick is to guess the longest words first. Yes, even those who seem to have it easy guess the words. But once you become a pro, it becomes easy.

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